Panath Triumphant


Now that we have been triumphant, and proven that Panath is above all Gods in delivering Death, we have decided to leave you alone.

With the death of the Elf and the Dwarf, and the subsequent retreat of the rest of CrIsis, we have shown the power of Panath! Assassins that can be unseen! The innocence of Panath power shows that we could strike you all down at any time! Our expertise in poisons is unmatched! The Gods can send anyone, yet Panath will prevail!

All that we ask is this letter makes it into your Books, and you raise no hand against us. In return we shall raise no hand against you!

Panath Triumphant!
Gonswood Alneer
Head Priest of Panath

Private note to CrIsis from Malkin, not appearing in the books.

I will leave in their stupid note, just to make sure you are not delayed further. Sniveling stuck-up idiots!


8 Responses to “Panath Triumphant

  • Abagail’s version of the books WILL contain this letter, including Malkin’s note at the bottom!

    • I want that copy!

      • Luther could bring an e-book reader with all those books in them when he returns. It wouldn’t be any more out of place than Willy’s iPod.

  • Very cool of Malkin to be nice like this!

    • I wanted to not have to bring them back…

  • I’m with Malkin, they are a bunch of “Sniveling stuck-up idiots!”

  • … and that is the LEAF that once was TWIGGY!


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