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Gavin Gets Drunk

It is good to be at sea once again. Well it was, until I got woken up by the ship crashing into something and launching me and Mr. Monkey out of my bed. He was quite upset and demanded that I go up and investigate, while he hopped back in bed. I will be talking with him later about his laziness. Let’s say he will be doing a lot of cleaning when I get back. See, I knew a pet monkey would be a great idea, less chores! As I make my way up to the deck I am greeted by Overkill, who beckons me to quickly help set anchor. As I do so, I see people looking out the back of the boat and Tyvernos is flying off in the distance. While we are setting anchor, Overkill explains the gravity of the situation. Apparently Chip wanted to wrangle some demon squid people. Everyone was panicking and Greldarr and Karma were apparently already in the water. I sat there for a while then started to pray while the others worked. There wasn’t much else to do. Supposedly they were down hundreds of feet according to Karma. So I sat there an waited and waited and waited and now I was getting kind of bored. I could only think of things to pray about for so long and then my mind would wander or I would get tired. Eventually though Chip and the rest returned to the surface. We picked everyone out of the water and Chip explained that these demons would follow us everywhere. Everyone was really upset and worried, but what else could we do but keep on keeping on. So we headed out.

Well that wasn’t very good, but now it is good again! So good that I am actually having the most fun I have had in a while, at least since Avramstown. I am even learning how to bake. Okay, maybe I am not learning as much as I am helping Cava, but he says I am a good helper so that counts for something. I am just afraid that no one will want to try this cake, especially if they know what goes into it. I’m sure they won’t care as long as they don’t know.

Well all in all the party went well. Tyvernos almost gave Greldarr a heart attack when he popped out of invisibility for the surprise. For the time being it seems as though our spirits are finally getting back to where they were. I have never been so far away from home and I am really starting to miss it, but not as much as I miss Morgan. I can’t wait to see her again soon. Two weeks was way too short. Maybe if I sleep time will go by faster. So I did most of the time. That was until one night I heard a loud crackling noise.

The ship sounded like it was breaking under a massive weight and we awoke for the worse. This must be the foul Kraken we have been told about. I told Mr. Monkey to stay in the room and I prepared myself with my armor and abilities. Once I was done I ran up to see not a Kraken, but a monstrous beast. The sheer weight of it was crushing our yellowwood boat. This was the strongest wood in the world and this beast was crushing it like nothing. As I was taking this all in, I noticed a nasty cloud in the air. It smelt worse than Greldarr’s breath. It took us all back. We were about to fight the most beastly grotesque creature we have ever faced. I braced myself for the worst and then Tyvernos looks at us with an “I got this guys” kinda look and shouts out some weird incantation. A large cloud appeared near the beast’s heads and it fell into the water with a loud crash. It was at this point we knew that we were safe for the moment, but Tyvernos recommended that we sail through the night to get away from it and I agreed.

Things seemed to go pretty decent from there on out. We made it to Big Water to refill our rations and supplies and attempted to find a shipwright. Some people claimed they could do some small work, but for the most part the boat needed to be repaired at Otter. Greldarr recommended we should leave due to the ceremonies of the wolfen approaching and the worship of the dark pantheon associated with it. I was happy to oblige this request. So we continued on through mostly nice seas until a typhoon hit our ship. It ripped our sail clean off. We would have died if it were not for Chip and Tyvernos who took turns protecting the ship through the entire night. However, the rest of the trip remained uneventful until we made it to Otter where Rell was so eager to get off the boat that he dove off face first into the docks. Well, maybe he wasn’t diving and it was more Overkill crashing into the docks that sent him into them, but it was still funny. We were then greeted by an old friend, Malkin Falimede. He led us back to his house where we were greeted by and even older and dearer friend. Laladan! I ran up and gave him a big hug. He gave me one back. It kind of hurt. He needs to watch his own strength when dealing with us mortals. Alas he answered many questions for me about his experiences and about Eledor and its previous owner Tultana. I guess Tultana is dead, but I am grateful for his gift. It also turns out that Laladan is replacing another Ramen named Arkathar who used to protect Malkin. Thus explaining why he was with Malkin. Then Malkin took time to speak with us. He told us of the other ship we wanted to hire and how money has run out. He said that he had procured a captain for the other ship, but we must decide what to do with him. This was a heated debate as many wanted to not have him take on the dangers of the trip. I asked Malkin though if he had a god or was sent by one. Malkin stated that the captain served Horus. At this point I knew that this Robert the Just must be a gift of providence from the gods, not to mention Horus’ reentry to the task at hand. After much debate the group had decided that he knows the risks enough that he may join. I hope that Morgan may be able to aid him when she arrives as well. Together they may be able to face off some things. Now that business was done. It is time to focus on more lighthearted topics. Such as shopping.

Greldarr, Tyvernos, and myself formed the party planning committee this time. We asked that the entire group meet at Malkin’s at a set time for an event. Little did they know it was Overkill’s late birthday party to be celebrated properly. With that we returned with two large barrels of a fine drink, the Clan Kelsu Beer. We also had in hand a specially created CrIsis drinking goblet for each member. That night we celebrated. Drinks were had by all even Tyvernos and myself. I remember that night ended with Malkin tucking me in to bed and saying goodnight. That night I had dreams. Dreams of tomorrow’s hunt with Cava and Karma.

Posted by Gavin on the 23rd day of Od in the 8th Year of King Gedro.

Image from Fort Langley.

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  • “…Rell was so eager to get off the boat that he dove off face first into the docks…

    Sounds more like he tripped…

    • Overkill had a series of docking issues – he could not seem to not roll a 99 or 100 when docking.

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