Pigeon A La Rose

Ferrel’s first pMail to Bishop Rose

Bishop Rose,

As the newest mage within the ranks of CrIsis, it falls to me to be the bearer of bad news. CrIsis, against the objections of myself and Gavin, has chosen to take the Finger of Osiris and search out the next piece of Osiris.

I will go with them, and will support them in this. We guarantee that as soon as we retrieve this piece we will be there to give your country a piece of Osiris. Know this, the gods will not be used. Bafag has been killed for wresting control of the previous piece of Osiris and a Dwarf of all things has been put upon the throne by Algor.

I request that you disseminate the following by general proclamation:

People of the Eastern Teritory,

The gods look upon you with favor. You will be graced with the next piece of Osiris. We call upon you to have patience, for you will be the first kingdom of the world to have two pieces in your possession.

Yours in honor, CrIsis.

We will be passing by Haven on our way to Yin Sloth. Watch for us, and we will try to soothe the people during our journey.

Ferrel, scribe of CrIsis, on the 12th of Algor in the 22nd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II.

Image from Hosana Church, Portland, Tennessee.

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