Plea of Insanity


We watched the sunset over the sea of tents today and it was glorious, or it would have been if not for being interrupted by a whining civil servant demanding money for occupying this place. To think we should have to pay to stand in a location, what next will these city dwellers charge us for the air we breathe, the water we drink ? Towns gah! Thus interrupted from our reverie we separated to set about in our mundane duties, one group to forage, Xerxes , Indaris and myself to pay a visit to a friend. The walk there was eye opening, statues to every god imaginable lined the pavilions and grounds, some as tall as 40ft towering above us, like life like images of the gods they represented. This city of Lopania has much to give thanks for the grounds are vast and bountiful and the city itself lies beside one of the great magical streams called ley lines. Again I was brought back to the reminder of the real city we are surrounded by, the guards here refused us entry despite our apparently inadequate instructions and my attempts to use our name and female attributes were to no avail. Stories of bribes and attempts to squeeze our priest for money do nothing to increase my opinion of the populace here. If I imagine a reflection of this astonishing beautiful place in its people I’m definitely to be disappointed. Maybe I’m being too harsh they did indeed keep us out of the building.

I feel it necessary to start listing in Point form for brevities sake the reasons why the forest is better. Three no reporters.Four neighbour’s don’t wake you in the middle of the night summoning demon hosts. I kid you not mother, can you imagine being woken in the middle of the night by a minotaur’s shout only to discover the scents of forty evil squatters next door in our friendly neighbourhood healer’s (aforementioned in previous correspondence) shop. Once awake we listened raptly to Asher as he told us stories of his travails and incarceration it was the highlight of my time here so far and would that he had been able to finish. Apparently the neighbours activities were not the norm for Indaris was soon interrupting and warning us of their approach. I would find such an interruption of storytelling unforgivable but I’m sure he felt it important. I can proudly say we followed the proper “city” law and called for the attention of the guards where upon we were taken into custody ourselves and the evil ignored(point number five). I cannot grasp that we were not able to reason with these people, they claimed we had broken every law in the city, in all honesty as I don’t know the laws I guess it was possible but in no country could I see our actions demanding such severe sentence. With much misgivings I teleported away with my family seeking some understanding of what was occurring, which was definitely better than one of the alternatives of ripping them limb for limb. Point six apparently we were to be executed for a slight to the guard captain from a previous member of Crisis I have not met. In what world does one become beholden to another person’s crimes?, and for such a petty slight I would expect them to fight it out in a friendly brawl then go away as friends not sentence one another’s acquaintances to death!

We did meet the lovely Empress Jesslyn whom was exceptionally bright, the guard captains superior and by far the most pleasant person we’ve met in the last few days. Asher was welcomed as one of her subjects and I feel the time allowed was inadequate for such a solemn event. Overkill seemed particularly overwhelmed to the point of distress and I tried to sooth him by licking his hand but his agitation did not abate. The dwarf has much courage and I can only assume he was politely not requesting citizen ship himself as to not overshadow the kobolds moment. We accepted reasonably to a nights stay in the jail to appease all parties and returned to that ill fated city. Meanwhile back at camp the neighbour apparently was still waiting to have her turn at us but was quickly dealt with in excellent style by Azariel, Asher and Xerxes. Which was incidentally very fortunate because I was starting to get ravenous and maybe a little surly and unreasonable myself by this stage. My ladylike aplomb was definitely about to be challenged. I was impressed at the way my friends handled the healer and extracted much useful information without even a threat. I would like to find a way to give credit for the handling of these evils to our annoying guard captain for some reason I feel we could be valuable allies if his misplaced hurt could be assuaged. Anyway ramblings aside I pray for a few hours of peace to rest and hope to be able to send you some better news soon. I imagine you reading this in the grove at home and envy you that peace, please hold me in your thoughts tonight so that part of me may always be in the forest.

p.s. Apparently I am a poor student of the charming arts as the only attention I seemed to have drawn was unintentional and female. I’m sure it’s not Azariel’s teaching as he is truly gifted.

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