Pleasant News From Baalgor

To my lifemate, the Heroic Demigod

In your father’s name as well, I bring stupendous tidings! The caves of our People, the three joined tribes, have been completed. We have name our joint tribe Shandar, or home in the Dwarven tongue. We have created a council, and the council is made up of respected members such as your own Father and myself.

The honored Clergy have made a temple here, and Father Linbrand has elected to stay here to improve our teachings of the Church of Light and Dark. He has much to teach people who have missed centuries, and Brothers Dranelas and Winehes stayed on as well.

Your Father, looking over my shoulder, has told me I must get to the point. Honored One, Lifemate, Demigod of Vows and Oaths, you are to be a Father! I am with child!

Hopefully this has not caused you to faint. I am well, have great care, and will send you a letter with at least 3 months lead to let you know when I am expecting to have the child. For now, worry not, all is well, and I am healthy.

Save the world, save the balance, and then we shall have time….

Your honored lifemate, Laval’liere Lightbringer



Picture from our own AZ Rune



Sent on the 14th of Majestic.



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