Ponderings To Humara

Karma begins talking to her lance and pondering the nature of CrIsis

In conversation with Humara

The oddities that have surfaced today, by demon attacks and amulet exchange nearly cost us our mission. Discovering that two of our mortal enemies have become allies and are working together against us, the challenges have increased as well as the arguments between party members.

Charun, the ambitious lord of the abyss, has joined forces, against his own nature, with Anubis to face against us. This does not bode well for us as we no longer just face the gods of our own pantheon.

Tampering with the medallions very nearly destroyed our chances at retrieving the rest of Osiris’ parts. We should be more vigilant and less self-assured of ourselves if we are to complete the mission that was set upon us.

I have concerns about certain party members, what their personal goals are, wondering if they are as interested in completing this mission as they are in completing their own personal missions that they have set themselves upon.

Cava’s questions seems to be aimed more at a private vendetta than the goals of the team. His actions at the library are also suspect.

The party seems to be a group of great warriors who take time to enjoy the pleasures of life, amongst them drinking contests. I once joined one of those contests and found myself lacking against Chip. While they have their mysteries, they are anything but boring travel companions. Only time will tell where everyone’s loyalties lie, and what their true goals are.

Some are still a mystery to me, as far as their sense of humor, but I am sure that with time we will discover how eclectic their personalities really are.

For the most part, I enjoy their companionship. I have only found myself at odds with one or two of them, and while not intentional, were caused by my misuse of the power I now use.

I have made mistakes when underestimating the power that you carry, and I too must be more vigilant to make sure I do not make more mistakes regarding your use. I intend to make myself worthy of this party, and the mission given to us by the gods.

While training as a paladin, I was taught to keep a strict and humorless log. In the future, as I become more used to this, I hope to loosen the reigns a bit and let myself run.

Posted on the 8th of Thoth, in the 67th year of the Empire.


2 Responses to “Ponderings To Humara

  • Hmmm…Another Military member of CrIsis shining doubt on the other members as Raulf had done…Must be the training they received, ‘trust no one’ or ‘spies are everywhere’. Of course they both kept their observations very close to the chest, very secretive of them, ironic…

  • Karma was a beast of a character at the time, definitely the tank of the group.

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