Prayer To The Lord Of Sun

Dear Mighty and Powerful Ra,

I am not a priest and spent way too much of my time in temple noticing that some priestesses had an ample bosom or a shapely backside making it pleasurable to watch them coming or going. The only thing that focused me was when the haft landed in my hand. In that moment I knew that whether my day was good or bad, because of my choices or circumstances. I had that bounty of options and the day that contained them because of you.

Thank you.

Like the “horned paragon” in whose wake I tread I will not go back on my word. Also like the “horned paragon” in whose wake I tread I made my various decisions without understanding all of the ramifications. Perhaps those understandings may have led to different choices but I am not a Thothian scholar and changing my fate I am told would merely shove me into a parallel world where that choice is different. The shell of me in the original world still has to deal with that choice and if I won’t abandon you then I certainly won’t abandon myself. I am sure my father would consider the coin spent in my teaching well put should he have ever heard me say such a thing. My sister – the Queen – would have me strung up as an impostor. I wasted all manner of days spent in folly except those becoming a warrior monk of the Brotherhood of the Iron Wind. And the day I saved young Izulkral from the Troll for it allowed me to see true bravery.

For all the world to see know that if we are allowed a reward for succeeding in our “Quest” to rebuild. Know that I would be blessed were I to be a husband, a father, and a teacher to those that come after.

Is there really anything else one could ask for?

My soul is yours forever,

Written in Dwarven and Elven, sent upon the 14th of Thoth; in 1st year in the Koris Gwaisol – Kingdom of Ælfrik.


7 Responses to “Prayer To The Lord Of Sun

  • Wow, such changes from the beginnings of Torrun! Very cool, his gratitude comes through.

  • He is seeing things in what one might say “less cloudy” sort of way.

  • I feel like this quest, experience, and humility will one day make Torrun a better leader than his sister ever will be. He is learning the struggles of everyone and relating well.

    • Don’t let her hear you say that!

      • I suspect that since the Ring of Ithan holds a fraction of the soul of every wearer before Torrun it is quietly grooming him to become king.

  • Not even an off-handed “thank you” about alcohol. Is this even the same Torrun?

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