Premonitions, Prophecies, and Powers

Being a True Druid


I have been puzzling over a reminder from your last missive, where you restated your Father’s words, “I will prevent Sadafi’s daughter from completing my work.”

Prevent you from completing his work? It is a most perplexing statement. He is not saying he will prevent you from completing your own quest, but keep you from completing his. It was so strange, as if he had misspoke, or the translation was in error.

Thus I have spent every moment since the reminder in contemplation, reaching out to find understanding. While doing this I was regularly reminded what it is to be a Druid.

To be a Druid, you must be attuned to the landscape, becoming part of the earth, learning of, learning from, understanding and being one with nature. We are not Warlocks, connecting to the “Forces” of nature, rather being one with nature itself, and with its inhabitants and creatures. During your travels have you done your duty and educated? Teaching to protect our beloved forests? Working with farmers to make sure they rotate their crops? Assisted in animal birthings? I am troubled that none of your notes have mentioned these basic tenets of Druidism.

We are healers first, and protectors second. I fear that in your constant struggles you are losing that perspective, and what made you so valued! I fear that your interpretation of your Father is right- he was once a good man, and I had hoped to return him so. Unfortunately not all can be made well, be it land or humanoid.

I am lucky- I have close encounters with the natural world at all times through the course of a day, and many opportunities to contemplate and experience. This is the heart of all Druidic practice. I’ve been pushing at the edges of what I understand and can do, with both meditation and prayer, and have the first murmurings of a rethink about my whole understanding of what magic is and means.

When was the last time you climbed a tree Cammy? The last time you breathed the thin air of the mountaintop? Even here, while we are at war, I still remember who I am. Do not forget who you are, daughter!

This brings me back to your Father, and where your paths may intersect. He always spoke of returning Palladium to what it once was, the Age of Magic, when nature and magic ruled. Perhaps it is his interpretation that you are also remaking the world, thus you are also doing his work- just with a different desired result. I am afraid only he has the answer, and only you the key.

Be safe my darling! Keep your messages coming, for they let me know your safe!

Your mother, with love and fear,
Note- Sent in Oghrune, readable only by Druids.

Picture from Disney’s amazing Fantasia 2000.

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