Prove Yourself

Save Your People

Our people have been framed, and this after being believers in peace, partly due to you. You, and your “Friends” bringing pieces of some dead God all over seemed to sway enough that even Father decided to sign a treaty.

He is even more convinced that you are a traitor now that they have framed us! The Iron Claw are many things, but murderers of innocent worshipers we are not! We were nowhere near Sweet Creek.

Our scouts have stated that two armies of Easterns will be here in 2 days. We will not have reinforcements in time. Only you can save our tribe, for we will take many with us, but even we cannot beat odds of 20 to 1.

Jidian Kulder has chosen to fight for the Shadow Coast, as they had already requested his presence. He asked me to tell you to support your family, and you have his blessing, whatever that means.

It pains me to say this, but only you and CrIsis can stop the slaughter of your own people, for even the Duke of War would hesitate to slay “Palladium’s Heroes.”

Show up- don’t bother with excuses, for I will be dead before I can read them.

Sent on the 18th of Gryphon, in the 71st year of the Great Wolfen Empire.
Forwarded by U’Selekma (personal note- please ask him to never refer to me again by that vile name!)

Picture by Michael Rechlin


One Response to “Prove Yourself

  • After the Agreement the thought I had was that was the end of the suffering of CrIsis members’ families- then I realized that Raulf had chosen the southern most tribe to come from, and this happened. I was sad….

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