Rebuilding Our Life

My Dearest Husband,

We made it home safely! It feels so good to be back! When we arrived our barn and home have been repaired beyond what they originally were. This home still has so much love from when you built it for me in our youth. I remember that day the bucket of nails fell and hit you on the head. It was because I told you that I was with child and you got so excited you tripped off your ladder. This farm has so much love put into it. I long for the day you come home and fill it with yours again. I hear you are going through some changes. Please know my love for you is eternal and we will get through whatever ails you. Your son is growing so much. He helps out in every need that our farm has required. It will be good for him to work our land though. He is also doing well in his schooling. I took some of our profits and made sure he was given a proper Western education while we were away. He will make a fine young man one day. He hopes to plant a small garden so that you are forced to come and bless it soon. I told him you like eggplants so that is what he will be planting. Also we have been given a new grainery built by the workers as a favor. I did not know how far your influence has stretched. You are a strong and noble man. I love you so much. I do ask though that you continue to show more kindness and mercy. Do not let your past angers control you. Fill your heart with love and spread it like the seeds of the small gardens you watch over. Take care my love. Also invite your friends over sometime. Just don’t let that sex cat near our Bron. He has not been given the talk yet. By the way you will be the one doing that.


Your Wife

Picture from Piepkorn Photography .


4 Responses to “Rebuilding Our Life

  • “Just don’t let that sex cat near our Bron. He has not been given the talk yet.” But what a talk that would be!

  • So a few normal relationships establishing themselves. Crystal seems to be getting more and more positive, and I like it.

  • I can’t wait for Bron, AuBeron & KolbJorn to have play dates together…or whatever there called here.

  • Bron would have to have some bitter apple spray to protect himself.

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