Redemption in Art

Indaris had been praying all night in the shrine dedicated to Isis. Nestled inside the Royal Temple of Ra, just outside the royal palace in the city of Credia. Upon hearing the first call ringing out of the city watchmen signifying it was an hour past the high moon. The priest was struck with the notion of prayer through artistic devotion.

Very well known for his spoken prayer and rousing speeches the somewhat disheveled priest roused the acolytes to bring him paints, and extra brushes. Soon the High Priest of Ra came to see what the commotion was after one acolyte was bold enough to wake him! There he stood listening to Indaris babble about thanking Isis herself for putting his words of faith to the test on the altar of Ra. On and on did brush strokes flash back and forth! Oils, watered inks, charcoal sticks flew across a freshly dried white gauche canvas!

Soon there was a crowd. Nightwatchmen, acolytes, priests, priestesses, the High Priest himself all watching the good father continue painting. His face, hands, and clothing soon stained with vibrant yellows, reds, blue, and black. Scraps of cloth and parchment strewn about and used to help him create visual effects! The crowd began to nod as they could see faith and creative design merge in harmony.

Swish, splat, and the dabs of linen capped fingers smudging colors across the canvas were the chorus to behold. The High Priest of Ra began to notice something he had not seen often, was the mixing of ranks and absence the station. It was as though everyone could acknowledge the power of physical prayer in the painting of the priest of Isis. Silently he thanked Ra for this gift of insight into another way to bring his congregation closer together in a community of over 100,000 people in the city!

The Eye of Ra was cresting over the horizon as the temple was eating food on the 30th outside the shrine and a bit of the morning worshipers were now joining the crowd. Indaris drops his brushes and falls to his knees. Faces dart back and forth when his arms shoot up above his head exclaims to the Gods of Light this gift of devotion is how he managed his close call with weakness in his most recent testing of his faith. Everyone present could see the painting framed between his upraised arms. Father Indaris stands and is greeted by the High Priest of Ra with a vial designed to renew one as though he had a full rest. As the priest of CrIsis leaves on what is now the morning or the 31st of Ra. He tells everyone present the painting is a gift for the shrine and the temple, but is not to be sold.

He exits the temple heading to the palace.


Seen by Rod Rambler on the 31st of Ra.

Art by fellow player and artist AZ Rune

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