Redemption or Perdition

A New Hope as the Church Strikes Back

Philip, wait!”

Flanked by two other priests from Nisi, Indaris saw they all shared similar military hair styles as Father Philip, “Indaris, you know my aversion to boats we must not tarry.”

”I know but a thought, I have not given up on her…”

”Noble of you but…”

”Philip, that’s not what I mean listen please for the bond we’ve shared.”

Father Philip nodded and bade Indaris to continue.

”Ever since Ja’Deir quit for his family I have felt heavenly anger simmer within the great and powerful Ra. I feel this may be a test for Nara and I. She is no wanton whore, tortured and seduced by darkness. She is being tested as well, maybe she faltered this time, but help her come back and become stronger. However, if we are to keep our words to the heavens and remain true I cannot come with you. I became tortured to win her freedom and please, through you, Philip I won’t, I can’t abandon her to darkness now. Please be our Lady’s instrument and bring the newest child of Horus home to the light!”

Father Philip reached down and took Indaris’ arm in a warrior’s clasp, “I will bring her home, Indaris.”

Seen by Rod Rambler on the 27th of Ra.

Art by fellow player and artist AZ Rune

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