Report From the Middle

The Dark Advance


I have returned to the Middle Kingdoms and am observing the Quarry. The Civil War in the Western Empire has been quite surprising. As I said previously, the power of the force that the Middle Kingdoms has arrayed is quite substantial- far more than expected, and has been very successful. They have held their ground, and taken some of the Vequerrel.

The other thing that they have done is welcome all of the monster races, saying that they will have full acceptance! This has caused uprisings throughout the Empire! The slaves are throwing off their chains and fighting for the Middle Kingdoms! Also, they have encouraged both the worship of the Dark and Terosh, saying that both wish to strike at the Light. Of course they do not address the issue that Terosh wants to abolish all religion, but such are the masses….

The secondary force, led by humans but made up mostly by the Monster Races, has now taken all of the Frontier except for the ancient stronghold of Shandala, which they allow nothing from the outside in. It also has taken half of the Tarldet Plains! The main army acted as if it was advancing on the Kighfalton, and then the secondary army struck! They were joined by a giant army of undead! There were also joined by some Alu, Taursis, Manticore, Chimera, Werebeasts, Loogaroo, and even a Spectre! So the reports I have received from trusted associates.

The cry of the Banshee is far too common in the West now. Interestingly, the advisor to the Emperor, the great Mage The Slayer of Mountains has not been seen since war started.

As for our Quarry, I have knowledge of a weakness in her protection. Send word to me via the second code structure for your arrival- we must strike soon, or she will be more powerful! Her death will be simpler to accomplish on the day of the God of Knowledge, for that is her weakest point. Please join me, for I fear that their successes are increasing her strength, and this may be the last chance.

You now again have your family to live for. Congratulations! I still feel each use of Athanasia, and can identify who you use it on. If you do not wish to finish this for me, do it for them. You know her reach will have no end if she wins this war.

A warning- there is another using the same spell, but I know not whom or why. They have been operating here, in the Middle Kingdoms, and in the front lines when our Quarry moves to the front. They must be close or related to her. She has gained power. I know of 2 different likenesses that she is now using, and there are rumors of more. It has become difficult to track her personally, as she is surrounded by powerful associates, all serving her and the Dark. The Middle Kingdoms this week announced a million gold reward for any member of the “Harbingers of Chaos”, as CrIsis is referred to by both Terosh and the Dark. Fare thee well, and beware all except those in your own circle. Their are definitely some who profess that they are with the Light, and with the Empire, that are double agents. I keep hoping that the Emperor will take a side with the Light, but thus far has not occurred. Be safe!

I long to be free!!!
Your Teacher

Army picture and skeleton army picture by Lord Hayabusa 357


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