Rifts Earth


Bexx and Chip had a normal day, for them. They woke up at their location in the Iron Heart Avengers base in the Azores, and took the 8-4 patrol on their boat, Matilda.
A killer whale appeared as they were patrolling, outfitted in full power armor. He communicated to Chip, through Chip’s tongues spell, that he, the whale, had seen a watcher attacking his pod. Chip immediately asked for a location, as the Lord of the Deep is Chip’s obsession. Bexx gunned their boat to the location, which turned out to not be under attack by a watcher, but instead a pair of Zombas, or silicon sea snakes. They quickly disposed of the menace, using a combination of Chip’s paralysis spells and Bexx’s well timed depth charges.
The next day they escorted a Sunaj assassin named Galbreath Seakon to Atlantis to acquire a newly purchased Coalition Sea Cycle for Iron Heart. On the trip they encountered a Lorica Wraith, who, although taking Chip down to 1/4 health, retreated back to the depths having taken heavy damage. Bexx and the Sunaj were unscathed. They then returned to the Azores with the new Cycle.
Chip is visited at sunrise the next morning by Elanu (details in the Wanderer below) He knows that tomorrow they will be transported to a new world, and he will meet his Goddess Isis.

Reported by Rod Rambler, Chronicler
March 4th, PA 109


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