Roggan’s Log!!!


Roggan happy in Werginn. Wakiw in Werginn. Funny story man in Werginn. Plenty of rock friends all around Werginn, too. Yesterday, Roggan looking for rock friends in the forrest. Bluto say something funny.

Then Roggan see big cow! Cow standing in snow, in the trees. Cow make Roggan think of Apis ring. Roggan look at cow, and cow winked at Roggan. Roggan run around cow, to see cow, but cow turn around, so Roggan not see all of cow. Roggan run the other way, but cow turn, too. Roggan ask, ‘Wanna dance??’ ’cause cow turn with Roggan – Cow play. Cow say to Roggan, ‘Run first, Dance later.’ It plays! Great!

Bluto say Roggan giggle like girl. Roggan not giggle!

‘Wait up! Wait up!’ Roggan called. Cow runs fast, Roggan not keep up.

Roggan leave forrest, stop in field Roggan not see before. ‘Where this, Bluto?’ Bluto answer in girl voice! ‘In the land of Myip.’ ‘Where myip?’ ‘It is the home of the Gods of Myat’ Roggan smile. ‘Cow lady here??’ ‘I hate being called Cow Lady.’ Same girl voice, but come from… COW LADY! She standing on hill. ‘Roggan sorry, cow lady! Roggan love cow lady!’

Bluto say Cow lady sigh, but cow lady said, ‘You are a chosen, so you can call me cow lady.’

‘YAY! Roggan love cow lady!!!’ Roggan give cow lady a hug. Cow lady really tall!

‘Come with me, Roggan. We will have a cup of tea and talk.’ Cow lady started walking. Roggan reach up for cow lady hand, cow lady shrink and grab Roggan hand. Cow lady wearing priest robes, not wearing cow lady white gown.

Cow lady and Roggan went to huge house! It bigger than Roggan house. Roggan sit at table, cow lady pour tea for us. Roggan look outside, new rock friends there. ‘Roggan invite rock friends?’

‘This needs to be a bit smaller of a party. Not right now, Roggan.’

Roggan grab rock friends from small pouches, and whisper, ‘Sorry friends!’ Roggan throw rocks out the door, to meet new rocks. ‘What cow lady need with Roggan?’

(Bluto help Roggan with this one) ‘I need you to help a group of people remember joy, remember that helping others is much more important than avenging wrongs; doing good works for sake of good works. I guess I want them to look more at the world like Roggan looks at the world.

‘These people friends?’

‘These people are.. yes. They are friends.’

‘Roggan like friends. Roggan meet these people?’

‘Yes, I will send you to these poeple. Have you heard of Osiris?’

‘No, Roggan no hear of Osiris.’

‘Well, I will try and tell you … briefly.’ Roggan listen to Cow lady for hours. Roggan not bored.

‘My lord Ra, for I serve under him, has decreed that we all help piece Osiris together again. But we as gods aren’t allowed to do this work. We are to ask those we care about…’

‘Cow-lady care about Roggan?’

‘I do, but I also know you are strong. Remember that helping good people is better than punishing bad people. I believe that the group, that calls themselves CrIsis, named after Isis, needs to remember that… why they’re truly there. Not just to put together the pieces of Osiris, but to restore goodness to the world. Restore Love and Law to the world.’

‘Roggan love love.’

‘This is why you are to join them. You will help them with this. So dear, I just think they will help you, and you will help them. There are times you must punish an evil doer, and you will learn this as I have on the battlefield.’

‘Rogan no want hurt people.’

‘You will have to, if they hurt your friends.’

‘Roggan hurt people if Cow-lady want Roggan hurt people.’

‘You will feel it. You will know in your heart when you need to protect those you serve and serve with. Roggan, you also need more friends. You seem lonely.’

‘Roggan have Bluto, Wakiw and rock friends. Roggan have friends.’

‘Roggan, you need more than a rock and a Wolven. You need real friends, Roggan. Also, let me tell you this, You will be taking someone’s place in the group.’

‘Why Roggan take someone’s place?’

‘He forgot who he was, and who to love; and that sometimes evil will win. You need to remember that the beggar needs food; the woman taken against her will needs to be freed; the beaten need ointment. These things will shine light on the world, and proclaim the truth of Osiris’ teachings. Do you have any questions for Cow-lady?

‘Cow-lady want to dance?’

‘I will dance.’

Roggan call rock friends from fields. Rock friends rock out with Roggan and Cow lady. Best day Roggan have!

Cow lady take Rogan back to forest. She tell Roggan, ‘You will need to continue to pray to me, for everything. From now, I will grant you your magic’

Wakiw and Cow lady say Roggan have magic, but Roggan not sure what magic means. Roggan ask rock friends to help Roggan, and rock friends help, because Roggan nice to rock friends. But Roggan also feel funny when Roggan talk rock language. Wood and Mud also listens when Roggan talk rock language. Maybe this magic. Yeah, this magic. Rock language. But Cow lady give Roggan rock language when Roggan already know rock language? Maybe cow lady teach Roggan better rock words. Like Wakiw. Wakiw teach Roggan rock language. But Roggan feel different than Roggan used to when Roggan talk to rock friends now, after Roggan talk to Cow Lady. Maybe this magic. Yeah. This magic.

Roggan tell Wakiw about cow lady, and Wakiw happy for Roggan.

Roggan not sleep, Roggan too excited for tomorrow!!

>>As scrawled by Roggan in the year 111.<<

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