Roggan’s Other Log!!!!

Here we go again!

Well, Roggan meet CrIsis! Roggan like CrIsis. Roggan surprised, Cow-Lady make Roggan go WHOOSH from Werginn, talking to Wakiw and Funny Story Man Mayor, to CrIsis faster than Roggan blink! Roggan scared at first. Face look like . Roggan not know who, but one of the people looked mean! Him look like . Roggan not say anything. Them not surprised to see Roggan appear! CrIsis look at Roggan like stranger on street, and continue fighting! Roggan feel like .

So Roggan start to talk to Bluto. Bluto make fun of Roggan, so Bluto go in bag! Bluto face not look like anything, but voice sound like . Big Horse-Lady see Roggan talk to Bluto, and face look like , want to talk to Bluto too. Roggan hand Bluto to Kara, horse lady. Funny short man ask Roggan what Roggan say to Bluto. Roggan say that what Roggan say to Bluto is private! But Roggan tell jokes Bluto say if joke make Roggan laugh. Kara not know rock language, so Bluto not talk to Kara. Bluto smart, but only know Rock Language words.

When Kara and Tyvo (um… Tihvernose?) talk to Roggan, others talk to Roggan too! CrIsis ask Roggan to tell Roggan story! Roggan not want to talk, so Roggan tell short story, then Roggan dance with rock friends!! Pretty Elf play music, and CrIsis dance with Roggan. Roggan see that CrIsis feel better after dancing. Faces look like ! CrIsis invite Roggan to go with them! CrIsis go to Leatherworker. Roggan like to see how people use leather. Wakiw start to teach Roggan how to make leather. It fun!

After Leatherworker, CrIsis go to party! Roggan love partys. Roggan look like and Party for Kara. Everyone love Kara. Roggan and CrIsis sleep late! CrIsis have breakfast and talk to Kwixy about fixing Matilda. Roggan find out Matilda name for CrIsis boat. Roggan happy to fix Matilda, but CrIsis buy new wood for Matilda, not use old, hurt wood.

CrIsis have another party! Party with Kwixy knight friends. Roggan like CrIsis, CrIsis have fun!! Roggan maybe write more later. Roggan like to remember partys. Maybe Roggan write about party and what CrIsis did.

>>As scrawled by Roggan in the year 111.<<

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