Roggan’s Requiem

Wooden Rebirth

It is with heavy heart, and indignant fury boiling beneath the surface that this entry into the journals of CrIsis is written. I have watched this Troglodyte for over sixty years, overcome obstacles, be used and abused. He touched lives, and changed so many for the better. His ever-living optimism, indomitable spirit, and unfailing love have forged bonds that words could not. His love of the earth reminded any who would pay attention that we should respect all life, no matter its shell. I know that CrIsis will forever remember him dancing with his rock friends, whenever anything of note happened. In truth, though he travelled with them but a month in his body, it will be remembered for years to come. Roggan’s last few days as himself, I would like to recount in his own words.

Roggan leave Wisdom with CrIsis, and appear on MATILDA!!!! Roggan so happy! Even in Roggan Golem body, Roggan can walk in Matilda! Roggan go down to Murodin! Murodin excited to see Roggan! Murodin dance for Roggan! Roggan get smooth stone from Roggan bag, so Murodin can lick! Roggan miss Murodin. Roggan give Murodin hug and run back to CrIsis! CrIsis talk to Xerxy. Xerxy really smart! Xerxy cow-lady-baby from Baalgor Wasteland. Roggan remember that a Piece of Osiry there.

CrIsis take Matilda to library between two volcanoes!!! Roggan so excited! Roggan almost feel earth power in volcanoes, Roggan so close! Library on Island of Yoddie. Called Library of Blathera. Roggan think this funny name. But Library cool! CrIsis go into library, and see sign: No magic in Library!! Roggan worried. CrIsis worried. Xerxy tell Roggan that Roggan have to stay out. Roggan a Golem now, Roggan magic. If Roggan go in, Roggan die. But Roggan not Golem, Roggan have Golem Body. Roggan not like Gina, not true Golem. Roggan still Roggan, just have different body!! Roggan not think Magic wall kill Roggan. Roggan pray to cow lady. to tell Roggan if Roggan can go into Library! Roggan start to walk to wall; get to door; step through door; ROGGAN NOT DIE!!! Roggan almost dance! Funny puppy-man come up to Roggan, start chanting, but nothing happen, and say ‘It’s True!! The Barrier is not Down, and this Being entered! It is not a Construct!’ But of course Roggan not construct.

Roggan go to look for new Rock Friends! Roggan not find anyone who know until Roggan find dwarf! Roggan ask dwarf where to find Rock Friends books, and Dwarf excited to see Roggan in Golem Body!!! Roggan forget to go to Dwarf house, to talk to funny dwarf. Roggan find new special rock friend!! New Rock Friend in Mt. Nimro. Rock explode! Roggan want to find these rock friends, maybe when Roggan and CrIsis visit Xerxy family. Oh, Roggan want to talk to Wakiw! Roggan miss Wakiw, and Wakiw not write back to Roggan!

Malkin come to CrIsis one night, happy and dancing! Xerxy talk to him about Xerxy family, and Xerxy library. Malkin ask CrIsis to go there, and get some books for Malkin. Roggan tell funny, happy elf that Malkin can count on CrIsis.

CrIsis leave Blathera and Yoddie on Matilda, to get more pieces of OsIris. But MEAN CRABBY PEOPLE ATTACK! Roggan and CrIsis fight Seasnakes, Pirates, Dragons, and everything, and not die. But Mean Crabby People almost kill CrIsis!!! Roggan tied to Matilda mast, so Roggan not fall into water. Roggan big golem body not swim. But Matilda almost die, crab people making Matilda sink. Roggan afraid for Roggan and CrIsis, so Roggan do what Roggan have to. Roggan leave Roggan body like Roggan do before, but now jump into Matilda! Roggan now Matilda, but not do it before Murodin die! Roggan so sad! Roggan save Matilda. CrIsis save Roggan, Quixy, and Glebba, but Roggan not save silly, sweet Murodin. Roggan lose Murodin for second time in Roggan life. Roggan not like adventure. Roggan want to stay as ship, free. Dance on waves. Waves hard like rockfriends, sometimes. But Happy, too, like Rock Friends, sometimes. Roggan want to dance on waves forever, taking CrIsis to where CrIsis need to go. Roggan not talk to Rock Friends like Roggan do before. But Roggan now heal Matilda body!

So, it is with a dread finality that I pen this last entry. Fare the well, Roggan Golem-father, Roggan Rock-friend. Trogdorf, may thine sails be ever full, and thy hull forever sturdy!

>>As dictated to Thoth, given by Bluto and Roggan on Selestra 23rd in the year 111.<< Picture credits: WEX Photographic.

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