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Delusions of Grandeur

Tyrie take CrIsis through ‘Gauntlet.’ Gauntlet scary place, have mean shadowy mountains all around, and not have anywhere CrIsis can stop Nicole and sleep. But CrIsis get through.

When CrIsis almost there, mean Orcs used a poor big tree to try to stop CrIsis! Orcs throw tree across river, and wait for CrIsis boat. But CrIsis strong! Tyvo and Roggan scare Orcs, so Orcs not attack Nicole boat. Then Tyvo make tree fly!! Then, when CrIsis boat get past tree, Cava fly Roggan to big tree, that stop water in river. Roggan make tree break in half. Roggan not like to use Rot language. Rot language feel different on Roggan tongue before, feel dirty. But Cow Lady ask Thoth teach Roggan in Roggan dreams. Roggan understand now that sometimes Death good. In forest, if only old trees live, not have room for new trees. But old trees die, and make room for new trees. Decay help Death, come after death. Decay mean old dead tree help new tree grow. Rot language mean words for Decay. Roggan ok to use Rot Language now – Roggan understand. So Roggan use Rot language so big, pretty tree not make problem with people on the river.

CrIsis need Roggan dark-see eyes on river, so Nicole not crash at nighttime. Roggan drink Chima tea to stay awake. Roggan help so much!!! Nicole boat almost crash on rock in River, but Roggan help, tell Overky about rock. Gavin look like almost fall over, but then make funny pose. Gavin tell me later that Gavin pretend to be Chip, and ‘surf.’ Gavin crazy.

CrIsis leave Gauntlet! Roggan surprised, see tree start to dance in River – tree start to roll over and over. Gavin say something about cuhr-rents. Roggan not know, but tree dance pretty. Then CrIsis get to Haddy Cove!

Roggan not know why, but people not like Gina. Gina pretty! Roggan love Gina. Roggan not have a lot of time with Gina after Roggan made Gina, but Roggan know Gina. Gina nice, not mean! But mean people in Haddy Cove make Gina wait on boat. Gina guard boat for CrIsis. Roggan new rockfriend stuck on boat, alone! Roggan like Haddy Cove, but not like people in Haddy Cove.

CrIsis go to Karowys for CrIsis money. Have a lot of mean people there. Make fun of CrIsis, say CrIsis dirty and stinky! Roggan not like that. Roggan like to have a layer of Earth on Roggan! Feel comfy. But mean people make CrIsis take a bath. Roggan not like baths. Roggan lose layer of Earth and feel slippery. But Roggan take bath so mean people not be mean to CrIsis.

Roggan go with CrIsis to Hazzar Blade. Roggan buy spear for Gina, so Gina can protect boat in middle of river! Tyvo tell Roggan about magie that make things come back. Roggan get spear that come back for Gina. Roggan also ask about Goblet Goblet Roggan make. Hazzar tell Roggan that if Roggan drink water from goblet, protect Roggan from poison, and make Roggan talk earth-people talk. Gavin ask Roggan to name goblet, like Roggan staff name ‘Staff of Stonelight.’ Roggan name goblet ‘Goblet of the Earthfriend.’ OH! Roggan forget to ask Hazzar about Roggan staff!!!! =(

Roggan see woman on street with neckie made from glass. Pretty neckie! Roggan decide Roggan want glass Apis neckie. But no one in Haddy have glass Apis neckie. Roggan look somewhere else.

CrIsis walk all day! CrIsis go from shop to shop. Roggan so tired. But Roggan still happy. CrIsis talk to glass man and ask to see ‘Celescope.’ Cava ask to see Moon, and look like Cava happy. Roggan not sure why, Moon just Moon! But then Roggan see. MOON A BIG ROCK FRIEND!! Like Palladium. Rockfriend Moon and Rockfriend Earth, Dance like friends in dark, with Sun. Roggan think Sun Rockfriend too! Have to be! Three Rockfriends Dancing forever!! Rockfriends Dance with Roggan. When Roggan first see Moon a Rockfriend, Roggan get scared. Rockfriends fall. Always. So Moon gonna fall, too. But then Roggan remember. Gods make everything. If Gods not want Rockfriend Moon to fall, Moon not fall! Roggan hear name before, Luna, for moon. Roggan like name Luna. Loony Luna. Roggan call Rockfriend Moon ‘Luna’ now.

After CrIsis done, CrIsis go to bar to find Overky friend. Overky find her and her attack Overky! Roggan so tired, want to go to sleep. Roggan put Overky friend to sleep, make her rockfriend. When CrIsis wake up, CrIsis send Overky Rock Friend Statue to Bizanty. Then CrIsis go back to Boat, back to Gina, and go up Canal!

Canal wonderful!!! Earthfriends make canal. Earthfriends like Roggan. Roggan not believe Roggan eyes. Canal big and beautiful. People use canal, help so many people! Roggan want to help people like Canal help people! One day, Roggan do something, help everyone. Then, Roggan remember Roggan make Gina. Gina big, help CrIsis, and CrIsis help Palladium. Roggan do something big, give Rockfriend life. Make body for Rockfriend. But Gina not the same. Roggan need to do something big. Beautiful. So people see, and thank Roggan. Roggan remember how people in Haddy treat Gina, Roggan feel sad again.

CrIsis get to new town. Nebby. There, new friend want to join CrIsis! New friend mean to CrIsis, but that because new friend not know CrIsis! Roggan show him! Well, Roggan try. Roggan not like mean man. Roggan draw picture of mean man.

CrIsis get to Llorn. Mean men in Llorn make CrIsis pay if CrIsis want to use Magic!! Roggan not talk to Rockfriends in Llorn? Roggan have to! It part of Roggan. Gina left on the boat again! Poor Gina! Mean man take CrIsis to Duke Palace. Roggan think Duke Palace pretty. CrIsis go to talk to Duke. Duke have friends with Duke. A pretty elf, and a dwarf. Duke mad! Mean to CrIsis, mean to Cava. Duke say Cava mean, make fun of Duke Son. Roggan not think so, but Roggan sorry if CrIsis do this! Roggan sorry. But Duke change mind. All of CrIsis help Duke forgive CrIsis. Roggan tell Dukie about Canal, about pretty palace, and Roggan hear Dukie have ROCK GARDEN! Roggan want to see rock garden! Dukie forgive CrIsis, and walk with CrIsis in Rock Heaven. Roggan go there, never want to come back. Roggan free some Gemfriends from CrIsis in scary tower. Roggan put gem friends in Rock Heaven. Gems happy, free in Rock Garden. Roggan never want to leave Rock Heaven. Never ever ever. Roggan want to live in Rock Heaven, with Gina and Wakiw and Cow Lady.

>>As scrawled by Roggan on Corg 27th in the year 111.<< Picture credits: "Delusions of Grandeur" by René Magritte.
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