Rogtilda is No More

A New Ship

Dear my Leader and God-

Rogtilda has passed away, as well as Roggan himself. The ship crumbled and became a sea of floating boards, all of which were collected and burned in a funeral pyre.

We have a new ship gifted to us by the great King Guy, as per your previous instructions. He says that is the end of debts, and each member of CrIsis will be expected to pay taxes on the date of the Festival of the Pantheon of Ra, to set an example for all the citizenry of the Timiro Kingdom.

We await your return so that we may Christen the new ship and discuss whether or not we need more crew. A pigeon has arrived to King Guy who shared the message that you had become the leader of the Weavers.. Congratulations! I hope that you shall return to us soon as we are anxious to get back to sea. The whole of the Crew are anxious to get going! The ship is a beautiful Timarian Bark.

On a personal note, I have always held you in high regard. I hope that you will be honored to have me as a follower not only as Captain, but as my God! I shall strive in all things for the Truth!

Worshipful yours,

Picture from our own AZ Rune.

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