Rumbles and Rambles

Getting killed hurts. Not that I’ve died yet, but I’ve been real close. The Solarium has the right idea about the whole combat thing. If your enemy can’t find you, then you can kill them and they can’t return the ‘favor.’ When they’re the ones doing the bleeding, then you’re not the one doing the bleeding.

Have you ever considered the selfishness of living when others die? As a fairy, I can tell you I’ve never once really considered it. Sure, I’m not even a decade old yet, but I have centuries to look forward to. Most beings in this world have decades. I’m not saying I have any problem with it. I’m a fairy after all and we tend toward the hedonistic not the monastic.

Something I’d never wish for the gods to hear, but I give them money because I have nothing I can personally do with it. It’s the same reason I gave it to CrIsis. Money is a big-people thing, not a small people thing. Can you imagine a fairy walking around with bags full of coins the size of grains of sand and then handing those to another fairy in exchange for…and here the whole concept breaks down. I can’t imagine trying to buy anything from a fairy. They’ll either give me what they don’t need, or I’ll have to take it cause I need it more.

That very well could be why fairy ‘society’ is breaking down in the Vek…Oh, Bennu destroy me now. I’ve given something a nickname, and this being ink, I can’t just take it back. Sure, I could burn the page and get another…but that would take work.

Not that I’m lazy, mind you, but I have so many other things to prepare for. Like the festival of Bes coming up. I’ve never had the opportunity to be in a city during the festival before. Bigs have learned over the years to avoid the fairy groves during this time of year. Now, I’ve got to come up with something that is hilarious, but not life threatening, to unleash on the city.

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a few hundred scrolls of spider webs. That would be an excellent prank. Or, the ability to snake Asher away from Anubis for a day. That would be fun as well. He could cast the spell for me instead.

Maybe I can get CrIsis to release my bonds where the Zealotry is concerned. I really don’t like them. Not only do they include Rat-men in their ranks, but they ambush law abiding citizens and make veiled threats about books. We sent them scurrying like the rats they are, but I have a feeling that they will be back.

For when they return, I have a little gift from the Solarium to keep me company, and I’ll make proper use of my new shiny trinket when the time is right.

Written by Hannah on or about Corg 1.

Picture from Basilisco Rol.


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