Scenes From Bizantium

Entry #154

…bittersweet to say farewell to the Nameless Man. But it was good to see him again. We then teleported back to the pyramid at Sinza. We disrobed to wade through the purifying pool upon our exit. I could feel the power of the Gods wash over me again. Despite the healing nature of the waters my true form was still not restored. My memories did not re-arrange themselves to what they were. I prayed there to the Gods for guidance in finding my true memories. A vision of Osiris appeared to me then. He told me He was sorry. That there was nothing He or the Gods could do to help me without breaking the agreement.

I was taken aback in embarrassment – my prayer was not for the Gods to fix my problem! But that was how it was taken. I quickly realized how my words led to that interpretation. Before I could try to correct my intent Great Osiris vanished. I was already blessed to have been visited by Him personally. I would not bother Him or the rest of the Gods any further. Perhaps this is Their way of saying I should find a way to overcome this myself. That makes some sense. What sort of “Demigod” would I be if I’m always turning to the Gods for guidance and help?

Entry #156

King Minischmee agreed to provide us a navigator through the Sea of Despair. But there was one condition. The crew of the Shield of Light must submit to psychic probes. He was gravely concerned that Bizantium‘s secret course through those seas may become compromised. Was the crew trustworthy? Our assurances weren’t enough. I agreed to the King sending six psychics under my own conditions. That I was able to monitor those psychics. And that they would follow my directions. I would not subject the crew to any sort of unwanted or unwarranted psychic intrusion.

The rest of CrIsis left to take care of other business. Before I went to the ship to meet with the psychics I asked Torrun for his help. Since he and Merkl were going to the Gold Coast Trading Company I asked if he could talk to someone there for me. Months ago I had promised Elanu Groff that I would try to see about talking with someone to open up a Gold Coast location in the Wolfen Empire. Now that Bizantium and the Wolfen Empire had a good agreement between them I thought it might be good a good time to try. Since I knew I would be busy on the ship I asked Torrun if he could talk with the people at the Gold Coast about facilitating this? He told me he would. Torrun’s one of the few people in CrIsis I trust to negotiate something like this peacefully and successfully. I’m glad he agreed to help.

I returned to the ship. I found Jershon supervising the repairs and trying to explain to the shipyard workers the confusing rebuilding instructions which Willy had given him. I informed him of what was going to happen over the next few days with the King’s psychics. Jershon seemed a little annoyed that his crew was going to be scrutinized in such a manner. I wonder if he thought this was an insult to him as the captain of the crew? I assured him this was just a formality to place the King’s mind at ease. Also that I would be with them during this entire time to make sure there were no problems. This seemed to put him a little at ease. I made sure to let him know that if anyone was found whose loyalty was in question I would bring that person to him personally. I would present him with our case so he could determine the best course of action to deal with that person. This seemed to put him a little more at ease. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that he is the captain of this ship and we in CrIsis are just passengers. Sometimes I think he is very forgiving of how easily we forget that.

The Bizantium psychics arrived by mid-morning. All six of them were humans. I was not surprised. After introductions I talked with them to make sure I was clear about their intentions. Then I gave them my ground rules.

First I instructed them to only interview those who gave permission and willingly submitted to the mental probes. Anyone who did not give permission was to be sent to Jershon and myself so we could talk with them about submitting or leaving.

Second, no changes were to be made to anyone’s mind or thoughts. If they felt such action was needed then they were to discuss with me first.

Third, anyone who failed their interview must be brought to Jershon and me. I would collaborate what was identified and Jershon would deal with his crew as he sees fit.

Last, I would observe each of their first probes. After that they were free to continue their investigation on their own. I would however be making frequent visits during their sessions.

Aurelia and Vincente seemed to think my conditions were fine. Rena, Elroy, Dalton, and Royce all seemed taken aback. I don’t think they liked being given directions by a “Goblin” such as I. They argued against my interference in their work. Royce especially had some very strong opinions about where exactly in my Goblin body I could shove my rules. I spent the next hour in calm discussion with them about why my conditions were necessary. The hardest part of this conversation was getting them all to understand that there was no need for the actions they were rallying against. Why did they need to make changes to anyone’s mind? Why did they need to violate anyone’s mind against their will?

As lunchtime approached they all reluctantly agreed to my conditions. I observed their first sessions. I was pleased that they all employed minimally-invasive ways to accomplish their task. Aurelia and Vincente relied on a mixture of Empathy and Telepathy to verify the truth of the crew’s answers to their questions. Rena, Elroy, and Dalton preferred Hypnotic Suggestions to draw the truth from the crew members they interviewed. Royce engaged in emotional manipulation to coerce the crew to share their secrets with him in trust. We spent the rest of the day engaged in this task. Thankfully we’ve found no traitors to the crew or the Gods of Light so far.

Entry #157

…no traitors were found today either. I did not expect we would find any. The King’s psychics reminded me we still had to finish tomorrow. I am grateful that the crew has been very accommodating of this task. Their understanding has made this go very smoothly.

Torrun told me that he was able to convince the Gold Coast to work with King Minischmee in helping the refugees around Me’zfii Onh. That would give the Gold Coast a foothold in the Northern Wilderness and allow them to start to reach out to the Wolfen. I thanked him. Torrun handed money to me which he retrieved from our account. He asked only that I donate some of it in Great Ra‘s name. Of course I agreed.

The bigger news was that Torrun and Merkl had run into a worker for Mangy Carl. He informed us his boss wished to speak us tonight. All of us in CrIsis visited him together. Before we entered his sanctum I put a group mind block around all of us. Carl met with us. He wished to call in the last favor which CrIsis owed him. We cautiously asked what it was. He asked for half of all future earnings from the Church of Grignak. We looked at each other incredulously. Was he serious? He was. We told himin no uncertain terms that we would not agree to this. He then offered us a second choice.

He merely asked that we deliver to him the Book of Names from Modeus himself. I don’t think a more ludicrous request has ever been asked of anyone, ever. We did not even try to hide our agitation over his words. Very quickly this meeting started to break down. Finally Grignak spoke up. “I will personally hand him the book.” These are the exact words he said. Mangy Carl would not be satisfied unless we all openly agreed with what Grignak had said. I looked at Grignak questioningly. He nodded slowly, almost imperceptively towards me. I decided to put my trust in him to have some sort of plan. He did offer the deal in his own words. I told Carl that I agreed to Grignak’s words. The rest of CrIsis agreed too.

But we didn’t like it. We made sure Carl knew this. Carl decided then that he had no need to be polite anymore. He interrupted Merkl to rudely inform him that a “gift” he was having prepared for him would no longer be made available. This only led to a further breakdown of our meeting. Finally Carl left us before violence erupted. None of us were happy with what just happened. Later that evening I confronted Grignak. He admitted to me he had a plan. We talked for a brief while about it. I no longer feel so ashamed at what transpired tonight. I was right to put my trust in Grignak.

Entry #158

The King’s psychics finished their examination of the crew. They pronounced each and every member of the crew to be trustworthy. Rena, Elroy, and Dalton returned to the King to report on their findings. Aurelia, Vincente, and Royce each stayed behind. “What does a ‘Demigod of Psionics’ even do?” They asked me this question. “I can help to guide others in development and understanding of psionics.” This was my answer to them. They had more questions. I answered as best I could. Finally I told them it would be easier to show them. They were dubious.

“Meditate with me and I’ll show you.” That was what I said to all of them. After some thought Royce agreed to meditate with me. He shrugged and sat down next to me in the cabin. I sat facing him. Aurelia and Vincente merely watched us.”What psionics have eluded you thus far?” I asked him this. He hesitated to answer at first. Then he told me. I nodded. This was something I could help him with. The two of us began to meditate. I focused on the psychic power he mentioned. I envisioned it within him. I could feel the energy drain from me as the power slowly emerged within him. There was no sense of time within this shared meditation. It would take as long as it needed.

Finally I felt the power fully emerge within Royce. I broke the shared meditation and looked at him. He opened his eyes and looked at me knowingly. Aurelia and Vincent skeptically told us we had been meditating for five hours. I nodded at Royce. “Show them.” I said that to him. He activated the power and displayed its visual effects to Vincente and Aurelia. “This will only last a few days. But the memory will remain. Now, in your own time you’ll be able to develop this properly.” I said that to Royce. But it was also for the benefit of Aurelia and Vincente. They decided…

Entry #159

…couldn’t believe what I found in my bag! Somehow the Nameless Man must have slipped several items within my pack during our short visit. I pulled out a small sack full of ashes. That letter he was given from Bishop Rose. The Silver Torch of Isis. And lastly a short note in the Nameless Man’s own handwriting:

Grow a small garden and pray to me! It’s so boring here!

Entry #160

We’ve been underway for a full day now. Kalan Winwater has been working with Jershon to plot the course through the Sea of Despair. When I saw them last night I reminded them that I could boost the ships speed if desired. Kalan looked thoughtful at that option but didn’t respond. Jershon thanked me for the offer and said he’d let me know.

Today is the 21th of Od. I woke up at dawn and began the 24 hours of solemn fasting. 73 years ago on this day the Great Wolfen Empire was formed by the twelve tribes. They were determined to ensure that what happened to the 13th Tribe would never repeat itself. “Forged in an act of violence, but with the determination that it would never happen again, the Wolfen Empire was born.” We are all taught those words at an early age. In this age of uncertainty and tenuous peace those words are more true than they’ve ever been.

I pray that my countrymen will reflect today on the shameful actions which forged the Empire and recognize the similarities to current events.

Entry #163

A series of pigeons arrived for me today! It was really good to hear Red Snow‘s voice again. And to find out he and Night Rain are expecting – I am very happy for the two of them. It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t able to bring CrIsis to visit like he hoped.

I also received eagles directly from The Pontiff himself. I’m surprised he reached out to me and not to Grignak. But I will talk with CrIsis so we can honor his request. If they agree I will write Malkin about the change in our plans.

Entry #165

Today I decided that I’m ready to try and restore my memories. This will be a long process. If it will even work I cannot let failure be an option. I think I finally am in the right mindset to attempt this. I will show the Gods that I deserve to be the Demigod of Psionics. After Horus Day I will begin this work.

Note: These excerpts are from Silent Dream’s journal. They were written in Elven, on parchment paper between the 9th and the 25th of Od, in the seventy-second and seventy-third years of the Great Wolfen Empire and the first year of the Kingdom of Koris Gwaisol.

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Brahma Kumaris


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  • “Forged in an act of violence, but with the determination that it would never happen again, the Wolfen Empire was born.” I don’t think Raulf could have said it better.

    “I cannot let failure be an option” As the great breakers of mystic stories have been quoted as saying: “Failure is always an option.” JK, I know if anyone can do it Dream can.

  • I believe the path to restoring what you know and may forge what you are. This is the road to becoming what you will your shell for your soul to be.

  • Where there’s a will (or a whip), there’s a way!

  • I personally feel that Dream is better now than he has ever been- loved your take on this!

  • I added in a Journal/Log entry that was temporarily removed. Entry #159, regarding the discovery of some interesting items.

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