Seba Rescued

Dearest Professor Malkin,

My good friend Xerx’ses mentioned that you are a “professor” and some of us have been calling you “brother” during our tenure with CrIsis. Please accept my sincere apology if we have offended you. I hope though, that down this parchment the words laid find your smile returned unto you, our dear comrade in knowledge and deeds of insight and deduction.

Because of ancient traps would throw us forward in time I am not sure how out of context this missive will find you. We escaped the Library of Wo-Elfenbrut via a teleportation circle that the Unyielding Strength of Osiris can confirm is where the Golden-City of Baalgor once stood! As a historian I am sorry to drop that kind of news on to you so unceremoniously.

Apologies for that.

If it was not for the fact the Blessing still had the Seba Book at the time and were about a minimum of a 5000 feet away as Dwarves judge. Our group made ready (arming, armor – even for heat, spell prep) and began heading after our quarry that had stopped and decided to wait for us on a dune. It appears we both wanted a fight to settle scores. Xerx’ses was quiet as he tied a thin strip of cloth over his eyes and put his helm upon his head. He gleamed the “Golden One” but assured us that it would be pealed off the minute the battle ended. Surprises of surprises Mack survived and what most of thought was a post death log turned out to herald his return, albeit briefly, like a flash of thunder and lightning.

I was nearly killed, and were it not for a command from Xerx’ses to Grignak to heal me I don’t think I would be writing you. I continued with prayers to aid the group as i recouped my life’s vitae among the ritual area. All this was possible because while Xerx’ses had hit everyone with an Anti-Magic Cloud the only person that could resist it was Grignak! The battle was still very dicey and even the great bear, Khonsu’s Revenant, fell but was brought back by prayer and the divine power of Isis. In the end Xerx’ses was paralyzed and forced to watch Mack murdered by Joe and Malah. He taunted Joe, fought and killed him from betwixt his legs! Then as Grignak made it to his aid to stop Malah Xerx’ses cast five lightning bolts down on Malah – again from betwixt his legs! What a horrible and ignoble way for two bastards to die, it was glory unto Isis that made it so.

The hidden psychic (also the only one still alive on his team) got away but Mack’s runesword, Vereth, was given unto Grignak by Xerx’ses. Grignak recovered the Seba Book and then Rooster arrived once again. Moments later we were rescued from our unknown location by the Adraodan Minotaur tribe! We are at their VAST network of caverns resting for 3 days awaiting the arrival of Xerx’ses tribe. I am hoping to learn the names of the clergy that ended up here in the deserts so that I may have extra means of corresponding for Xerx’ses when he leaves.

Time to wash up and let sore muscles relax.

Blessings of Isis upon thee,

Indaris Excellar, Seeker of Isis

Sent after his arrival at the caves of the Adraodan Minotaur tribe. Upon 9th of Gryphon in the 4th Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.

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