Ser Huro’s Report

This meeting between U’Selekma, Nulendar Sami, and Huro is seen by Rod Rambler.

Grand Arbiter Nulendar handed a missive he had just received and scanned to the Pontiff. His holiness is reading it as the Wolfen knight is brought into the chamber by his escort.

‘Report, Ser Huro. Did you indeed recover Osiris’ Left Arm? Second, while I am aware of the discord below start from the moment you met CrIsis, if you would be so kind. Before you ask your mount is doing well and misses his rider,’ Nulendar spoke in a flat, emotionless tone.

Huro knelt slowly and then on both knees bows his head and touches his snout to the floor before rising to a straight back. He stays on his knees and his small sash now bears the Osirian Pin of Retribution. A new torq sits on top of the plate armor about his neck. Huro began, ‘Yes Grand Arbiter, we have indeed recovered Orisis’ left arm, and thank you for the news regarding Mbawala. Now, on to the story that is the current incarnation of CrIsis.’

‘Myself, Acon – our Psychic Sensitive, Dirk – our Ranger, and Pippin – our erhrrm, Man-At-Arms (he appears to be true to his redemptive path). We had appeared on the border of Nimro Kingdom. After introductions Pippin found a break in the wall that would allow us passage into the land of the Giants. We did not have to wait long before we saw our targets crest the raised hills. Unfortunately, Acon made some noise that drew a patrol from above when the giants of various breeds hopped down from the 100′ tall wall. Crisis wiped the ground of the Old Kingdom with those giants before a quarter of a minute had passed. If my memory has not failed me a few of us may have made a hit or two which was largely insignificant. Xerx’ses launched golden lightning from his hands and not the sky! It arced between the enemies, and the grievous wounds it left behind meant that the individual giants were easy to finish off, being already halfway dead.

Grand Arbiter Nulendar raised an eyebrow for it had been quite awhile since he had heard giants referred to in such a manner. Not since his days adventuring with Lord Instaror several centuries ago. He nodded and bade the Wolfen Knight to continue with his report.

‘Pippin bade everyone through the opening as the wind carried the sounds of a second patrol drawn by the sounds of battle. What I believe none of us actually expected was CrIsis out of the light of the literary word of Rod Rambler. Xerx’ses seemed to recognize the iconography of Osiris upon my armor. I know he is older than I by two decades, because it was the third thing he mentioned in our conversation upon 2nd of Thoth. Is there a reason no one mentions he acts like an old child / young adult? We ended up trading life stories and later days in the next two weeks Mack would speak and thanked me for giving him someone to talk to that would understand him better.’

Both the Pontiff and the Grand Arbiter nodded and rubbed their brows at the mention of his youthful exuberance.

Seeing that gesture Ser Huro continued realizing it was kept out of the books on purpose, ‘Over the next two weeks I know exactly how to get to his tribe’s home. I know about the non-minotaur priests that accompanied his father, Rostam Stonemace, home. I know about Luur’na and how sad he is that he suspect he will have to kill her one day for betraying Isis and now worshiping Modeus. How much he cares for his spell of legend created doppleganger, Kom’Var Spellborn. The most troubling thing honestly is how he talks about feats of magic, including his newly found immortality, with the passionate glee of a kid with a stolen magic staff!’

The Pontiff smiles but waves his hand to continue.

‘On the 19th we were able to engage a group of giants quietly and he just created and three golden lightning spears, which could all be thrown together and I felled a Jotan in one volley! Oh did I fail to mention that he is wielding a sword and no longer needs to speak words to cast magic!! Or that he can wear armor with no noticeable ill effect on his casting!!! Plus today in the antechamber we arrived in I saw his armor regenerate its shoulder armor that had been ripped off earlier!!!!’

Taking a breath he continues, ‘Hannah does not strike me as a fairy, but a miniaturized elf knight! Now when she used fairy food it was with purpose and to the benefit of the group to create doppelgangers that attacked Blackrock Stronghold head on in the first diversion attack.’

Indaris seems very happy in an advisory, maybe secondary role to whomever leads. He had a number of conversations with Mack about how to handle Xerx’ses when he doesn’t make sense. Mack is settling into his role as a leader in a pack of *alpha wolves* which can be stressful at best. Whatever decisions he made in the raid on Blackrock suggests to me he has immense faith in his team to behave divided and still on task, but he will only get stronger as a leader if he and the fae-knight can escape the volcano castle stronghold.’

Both men nodded and seemed intent on this review of their champions.

Ursus reminds me of summers back in the rural towns of the Empire. He is showing signs of immense growth as a person, not just some monster being directed. I spent more than one enjoyable night watching stars when the young immortal minotaur would sleep, which was not often.’

Ser Huro took a deep sigh, ‘Now to the second follower of Khonsu, and I felt more from his eyes than any conversation. No Name appears as a lone wolf devoid of a tribe or pack, truly sad. He constantly spurns the group to go further and do more but none of it seems born of anything else than wanting this quest/life/pain to be over. No Name does not talk much and you learn to read his glares more than you learn to read into his words. Even his violations of the rules of surrender is an example of how he fights all the time. He strikes his enemies so violently that the attacker will never be able to raise arms again. There is no parley, no quarter, no peace other than death.’

‘Is there anything else you wish to report,’ asked the Grand Arbiter.

‘Yes, first, Xerx’ses gave me a torq and pin I now have because he did not think I had enough gear to help with this quest. It appears that the legendary Jidian Kulder gave him this torq (Rod Rambler sees him gesture to his neck) and he passed it to me along with the pin on my sash (the hand moves to gesture to the dark blue part of his sash). Second, given that recovering these pieces from the worst environments on our world and from zealots and mad men. Your champions need to be a little crazy to deal with the stress. There may not be a better choice than those that currently inhabit CrIsis for the job.’

Both leaders nod and ask the wolfen knight to follow his escort to rooms prepared for him to rest and recuperate. The vision fades and Rod Rambler eyesight clears…

Pictures by our own AZ Rune.

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  • This is an interesting thought having one of the NPC’s that helped (Hey Logan, take some damn notes) us give an objective report as to SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opprotunities, Temprence) of the group. I like it and very well done.

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