Shandar Embassy

Laval’liere had just sent her letter when she had overheard her father-in-law, Elder Rostam and Elder Xixin discussing something. She had been amazed ever since coming to Xerx’ses homeland and rebuilding Fort Etrinan. It was truly a city underground, nestled against the western edge of the Baalgor Mountains. There was enough room for the tribe to grow from 2,000 to 20,000! To think this was a fort to the ancient Dwarven Empire. She looked out the window to the tower that could be seen from almost anywhere in the city, A’zad’s Tower. It stretched from the floor to the ceiling some 800 feet up, and was 200 feet across. It was already repaired and there was a single, golden door. Engraved upon it was a single word, “Oathkeeper” and below that the eye of Ra. It would open for nobody that tried, and word of Xerx’ses becoming the Demigod responsible for Oaths made all attempts stop. It however led to a whole new issue, marriage proposals!?!

It was publicly known among the tribe that Xerx’ses had become a Demigod. Which sparked an near-instantaneous status of fame to the Hexataur that Xerx’ses had joined to save Lazal’dan. Many females among the tribe began to pester Elder Rostam about his son and how they might gain his blessing to approach Elder Laval’liere to be his second or third wife. Soon Elder Xixin became inundated with requests about Xerx’ses slaying the evil Minotaur leader with his fabled Millenium Spear. Both of them were trying to do their best to prevent Laval’liere from experiencing this during her pregnancy.

A saving grace arrived in the form of an Ambassador. Lady Ondemeira of Torchwood had been sent by King Guy the First to open up diplomatic relations with the Shandar Tribe. It seems there has been a cease fire in the war with the Orcs on the southern border of the Timiro Kingdom. The survivors had an Orge Priestess of Khonsu among them that spoke of CrIsis. If they could live among a land that had accepted a Minotaur, a Werebear, and a Troll. Perhaps relocating to a quiet spot in the Kingdom would begin the road to peace.

Where could you put them?

Laval’liere called out for her father-in-law and other fellow elder to shut up or come inside. They did so followed by Lady Ondemira of Torchwood. Both elders apologized but between the two of them about 1/10th of the tribe’s women have requested to be considered for her lifemate’s second and third wife! Laval’liere arched an eyebrow at that, but turned her gaze to the blond elf in white robes before her.

“Are you the one my lifemate calls, Aleyne?”

Ondemira’s face was struck by a shocked smile, followed by a brief chuckle, ” Ma’ip no, Elder Lightbringer, I’m an ambassador on behalf of King Guy the First of the Timiro kingdom.” She finished with a bow to Xerx’ses wife.

“Please stand Lady Torchwood, Xerx’ses Goldenhorn, the Oathkeeper, has told me of you. Timiro. This the land where my lifemate is a citizen and slavery has been abolished, yes?”

Elders Rostam and Xixin took seats at the back of the room with the four human knights sent as her escort. Ondemira smiled, “Yes, indeed it is and his majesty, King Guy, wishes to open up formal relations with the Oathkeeper’s homeland.

Recognition as a fledgling nation was more than the three Elders could have hoped for. Just another feat Xerx’ses has accomplished with his time away from his people. They talked at length about what form the relations might take and soon came upon the topic of an embassy. It seems that stories of Xerx’ses’ strength have reached the remnants of the Orcs harassing the southern border of Timiro. Apparently, the sword of Xerx’ses: Uraeus’ Fang, was instrumental in defeating the former leaders. It had been wielded by one of the Human generals secretly fond of CrIsis, this general called the cease fire. Aides and Priests of Light were sent forth to inform the remaining Orcs and few Ogres they can collect their dead. Among the 1,100 remaining defeated monsters an Ogre Priestess of Khonsu among them met with the humans. They agreed to relocation if they could be place under the Golden Minotaur’s warcamp – CrIsis. The general suggested that if CrIsis could not be reached would staying with his tribe be an option? The Priestess took the option back to the survivors and they agreed, and said they would meet with his mate. If the lifemate of Xerx’ses were to open up an embassy in Timiro, the Ogre Priestess is certain this would give everyone breathing room to begin getting over the war and the feelings of loss on both sides.

On top of this, was the power gap CrIsis created in the Nimro Kingdom. It would be filled, given time, and then having the ability to strike from opposite sides of the Giants couldn’t hurt. Being prepared for this day sooner rather than later could only help. Not to mention the reports of Old One worshiping Minotaurs in the mountains on the northern borders. The three Elders nodded and after the Elf-in-white’s departure they began to discuss everything. Clearly, the Kingdom was looking for a social/political solution to avoid dealing with captives as slaves. In exchange for being acknowledged as a sovereign power military aid was requested. It was decided that a temporary Embassy for Shandar would be setup just outside the Timirian capital city. Laval’liere and Xixin would go with 10 Hexataurs as aid and support. This should also allow her to have the baby in peace without lifemate seeking females trying to dig their claws into her lifemate’s hide.

When they met with Ondemira once more they explained their concerns and requests. It was explained that a Hexataur was 6 people, so they were asking for 60 people. This was acceptable to the Elven ambassador whom asked how long until the baby arrived. She was shocked to learn it was only a week and a half! She offered to send word to Xerx’ses on her behalf and everything should be ready for departure within 3 days. She also promised that once there no one would talk about any negotiations until a month after the child was born. Xixin left to make his preparations to leave, while Rostam had X’zandria help Laval’liere make ready and rest.

Time to visit the priests for auguries about the tribe’s outcome. He welcomed Lady Ondemira along with as they passed several groups of petitioners professing their love and loyalty to Xerx’ses.

Your son seems quite the Lothario indeed,” chuckled Ondemira.

Rostam face palmed when they turned a corner, “I love my son, but never has a joke that won’t die, grown into the weirdest accident of fate I’ve ever seen. The Dark is so stupid, all they had to do was have some elf or Minotaur become Xerx’ses’ lover and then betray him. Now, who knows, I don’t think he can stop himself if he tried?

They both laughed heading towards the temple complex.

was recorded on the 27th of Majestic after being seen in a vision by Rod Rambler.

Lady Minotaur and Elf by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at
Lady Ogre Lineart provided by Dyer Rose / @BasiliskOnline on Twitter.
Lady Ogre color by AZ-Rune Art.


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  • This is awesome. Very creative, and a fun look behind the scenes.

    • I’m glad it’s such a nice break from letter formats. Interesting to flex writing about fantasy politics in an election year.

  • Laval’liere seemed way too pleasant for a woman about to give birth. I think these visitors were extremely lucky. It’s also nice to see another Elf that resisted Lictalon’s summons.

  • ALL RIGHT, KHONSU WORSHIP IS SPREADING! Wow, an Ogre Priestess of Khonsu, mediating peace, now isn’t that something. GO PRIESTESS & GO KHONSU!

  • Lady Ondemeira seems to have a head about her. Nice costume too!

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