Shield of Light Progress Report

Wish This Ship Could Also Fly

Dear God of Oaths, God of Seeking, and the rest of CrIsis

We have made progress, although nothing like when Rogtilda used to fly. We are currently at X, and are making good progress. We have endured some battles, and sustained some damage, but nothing to be concerned with. We have traveled over 2000 miles in the 18 days since you left us, and have resupplied in New Crests.

The Elves that you had insisted on imprisoning have escaped, through magic means. I suspect that a teleport scroll was used. Luckily the sailors given to us from King Guy have stepped up admirably, so we have not suffered.

We have almost 10,000 miles just to reach the edge of the Western Empire, so unless you can send one of those time-stopping rings to us we will reach the edge of that land in over 2 months! That is only with favorable conditions. We will continue on that path unless we hear otherwise.


Your Dutiful Servant and Captain-

Sent on the 18th of Corg.


Picture from our own AZ Rune.


4 Responses to “Shield of Light Progress Report

  • Glad to hear they avoided the pirates down there!

    • You can say that again, but when a Goddess says go this way it’s safe – it had better be.

      • She never said it was safe she only said the other way was certain death

  • I keep forgetting that Jershon is included on all correspondence from CrIsis, else how would he know about the timey-wimey ring. Of course, too bad we don’t have another and the one we have is done with.

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