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It’s Lonely at the Top

The Festival of Ra

The more popular I become I sense that the more iconic I become; creating some idea that I can do deific things. Do you know how many times I have shaken hands, kissed babies, signed books and other parchments? Holy Thoth! I thought we had issues with creatures and old broken down places of forgotten interest but here its just as bad. Don’t get me wrong, hearing “I pray for you and CrIsis every night Overkill” is nice but when you have heard it from every old woman and man, young child and mother in town I can only do so much but smile before going mad. I have to admit that sometimes when I was alone decompressing, it was nice when Caminata or her familiar would come and lay next to me as if to check on me. In the silence I would stroke their head and unwind. I wouldn’t realize it sometimes because it was so autonomic in nature. See at one time, my sisters and I had dogs. Dad said that they were great at taking care of old bones that were no good and they kept the rats out of the house; so when Caminata or her familiar would check in on me I didn’t budge. Sometimes I would talk to myself or sing to myself a lullaby that Mom used to sing.

It seems that I am getting soft. I have warmed up to Asher. He might not think so but you only tease the ones that you love… er… like. Who would have thought that the old would be young, the villains would be heroes and the monsters, angels in the eyes of the gods; not me. What I thought was black and white is now a rainbow of color.
I have learned a thing or two about the destruction of Osiris. It seems that when he was torn asunder that either his pieces were collected or that they knew the number of pieces and created guardian torches. I suspect that there was a lot of things similar to that when it first occurred. Here is a theory, that the might, majesty and power of Osiris matched some of the Old Ones and that Set seeing his power and coveting it for himself destroyed the god though covenants and oaths, very dark ones. Again that is just an idea some of the ideas that have creped into my mind while riding the wagon in silence; granted that has not been for a long time with this trip.

When we got to the city it was more of the same but Asher asked something of me during that time to look for red stones and while looking we came across an old hag selling her wares and I could not shut up. It wasn’t that she was a kobald, it was what she was selling. For heaven’s sake, as a kobald she should of known quality. I have a kobald sword and I know quality; kobald’s know quality. Stunning. Well that lead into a tiff and her ‘minion’ (?) smacked me on the head only to get a nut punch. Now because the armor that I wear soaked the damage and his nuts were as hard as walnuts there was no damage but nonverbal exchange was one that let us both know that if we pursued the fight that it would have been too much for the bazaar and would of got us both arrested. It was a clear understanding stare. I am still sorry to Asher for what I was doing. It was the stress of the poking and prodding. I will make it up to him.

Later when we were at the bank I came to realize that I was the only member of CrIsis that the books had mentioned. Tyvernos, Cava, Karma, Gavin, Chip and many others, they are all gone for some reason or another. I had been resurrected over and over again. I had beheld several of the gods and have fought monsters and men that sought power. This was truly an epic journey and I was starting to become a keystone to its success. I don’t want to be a keystone. I don’t want CrIsis to be a story only about Overkill and some other guys that came with him. I also will not abandon my mates. The gods have been merciful in getting me my Mary and I owe them everything. I still wonder though, will I just be able to fish at the shores of Sinza? Will I be able to have a home full of young ones running around my ankles? The god is not whole, obligations are not met yet for some towns (I am still working on it Bishop Rose) and I am far from home. Somehow though, I have found happiness. I have found peace.

Written by Overkill on the 8th of Ra the 1st year of King Wilgan.

Picture from Tsuzukikun.


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