Silver Linings

Selestra 14, Time: 6:30 am. Place Sekti Abtu
Dear Father Phillip

Yet again I feel as if I’m placing the weight of my problems on your shoulders, but I know not whom to talk to with my thoughts.

The last 3 weeks have been, if possible more confusing than most. The magical abductions have continued, with Xerx’ses, myself and worst of all Roggan have been taken and tortured. I worry not for Xerx’ses for he his most hardy of body and mind, and I feel that when he feels ready to talk about the problems he will, I am more worried about Rogtilda, whose spirit was ripped from the ship, and then tortured. His gentle Soul might not understand what was happening and could change him and leave him bitter and twisted, if there are any words of comfort, or special prayers please let me know, as I am at a loss at how to comfort a being trapped in the wooden body of a boat.

I was taken as well, and surprisingly I have come through it better than I thought, my memories come in flashes, but even they fade as well.

But it returned Nara to me, I would go through that again if it would keep her safe.
However this isn’t the reason I have sent this message, I have another problem to do with the church and my position in it.

I am nervous about full members of the church of light and dark, especially ones of note. Do I have to follow their orders, we are a splinter group, this I understand, but if say, Set came down and ordered the Bishop of the church of Light and Dark of Credia and ordered him to do something against CrIsis, or ordered him to order me to give up my Quest what should I do. My training says to follow their orders but my heart says otherwise, which makes me question anything said by the followers of light and dark. I am in a bind and can’t see the way clear. Could you please enlighten me with your thoughts upon this matter.
I will send some more news for I will hopefully have some more happy news to give you very shortly.

Written on the 14th of Selestra, in Sekti Abtu !!! by Indaris Excellar



Inside church by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf.

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