Slave Uprising Two

Calm Before the Storm

To: General Mordox-
From: General Skred-
Concerning: Slave Uprising- Timiro Kingdom-

We have reached the calm before the storm. The High Orcs, led by that rat Manus, has taken the towns of Tills and Erat, as well as three forts- Calda, Clay, and Ibi. He is demanding the release of all slaves, which King Gedro would, of course, never agree to. We have had only a few skirmishes in the last week, but I know that this is just the calm before the storm. They have literally cut us in two- we ship supplies and men between the east and west.

I have my own command, good men, and soon we shall retake our land! The glory of the Timiro Kingdom will be restored! We will drive them back!

I will send another pigeon when we are triumphant!!

Posted by Skred Uryte on the 2nd of Thoth in the 9th Year of King Gedro

Picture by Grenias.

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