Strange Tides


Strangeness, and more strangeness.
Literally upon the tide they came, tossed from world’s unknown to a scholar such as I. Their uproarious landing was hardly silent, nay a human challenged a Wolfen to a game of strength. Then he won!

No wonder that even I had heard of them before they stepped through these blessed halls. Then they ask for me by name out front, which awakened the Keeper’s interest. Bulls in glass shops, this bunch.

I meet them for the first time, and it is as if I walked into a low-budget play where they ran out of budget money before wardrobes were complete. The 2 humans with the funny accents, Bexx and Chip, were barely dressed, and what they had covering them labeled them immediately as not of this world.
So to make a long entry shorter, of course I helped them. When Isis calls, what are you to do. Besides, with 2 alien humans, a dwarf with a bad haircut from the north, and a Wolfen priest of Isis making up a group, they need it. What was the goddess thinking?

Truth be told, I like these guys. Overkill, or Merd Goose, with his changeling fear, wandering a library known for them… well, at least rumoured. The seemingly silent priest of Osiris, Greldarr, a Wolfen who I am sure is only trying to get his bearings. Then there are the 2 humans… everyone seems to love Bexx. Easy going, and probably the only one who won’t attempt to kill the brash Chip.

Chip… he has charm, looks, and a fearlessness that brings people to him, but the boy needs to learn manners. A teleport scroll is an easy enough request, but to ask me to pay for his spell acquisition?? Ludicrous. Of course, I did not reveal to him my lack of finances, for that is a sordid tale not worth that whelp’s ears. However, Haladriel does owe me a favor or 2. The mad monk will not stand for his manner. Perhaps he learns something.

Journal, I wish I did not have to rely on such as these to help find seed libraries, but I see the goodness in them, and I know it shall grow. I have been long sheltered in these walls, and long for such as Elanu to deal with, in quiet grace. I feel my time is passing, but know I have felt this before. I wish them the blessings of Isis on their journey, and hope they succeed. It will be quiet with their passing… but I know that in a few months I will long for their excitement again.

Written on this 8th day of Grekar, the 340th year of the Eastern Dominion, by Malkin Falimede.

Picture is of Oxford Library, old building.

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