Such Wonders

How Do You React When All Your Dreams Come True?


How do you feel about The Holy City? I hope you are ok with it, because I have been offered the position of High Priestess of Bast! It turns out that the current High Priestess was in attendance when CrIsis visited. She was very impressed with how we handled the insanity, how much money we raised, and was very taken with an idea and tactic that Torrun had- interacting with the “performers” by playing music and talking philosophy!

So, dearest, I am leaving the dungeon in Caer Itom and moving to Sekti-Abtu to begin my training. I hope to see you sometime there!

Be safe, and know that you have my heart!

Forever in Bast,


Sent on the 12th of Pegasus in the 25th year of Emperor Itomas to his His Holiness, who forwarded it to Grignak.

Image from Misguided


3 Responses to “Such Wonders

  • That will then be Cardinal Katherine to you all. So happy for her and Grignak!

  • It’s good to see things going well for Kat! I hope she and Grignak got to spend some extra time together during his month of special “training.”

    • Unfortunately that was just the Pontiff and Grignak alone in a time bubble. She had not even arrived by the time he left.

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