Oh Mighty Gods of Light, Authors of all that is good and just in this world, humbly do I approach Thee One And all and ask the for Thine aid. Soon we shall make landfall at Haven, where I shall be called upon to stand forth as Thy representative. I am but a simple man, and not skilled in the ways of politics. I ask for guidance, that I may be equal to the task of public speaking, and able to avoid the pitfalls which inevitably will present themselves as we attempt to quell the turmoil there.

In addition to wisdom, I ask for strength. I expect to be called upon to do battle with Mekva, who claims to be the Champion of Rurga. Strengthen my arm and reinforce my body so I may go forth and Champion the Light, to prove Mevka’s folly upon her body and defend Thy Honor against this upstart godling who seeks to elevate herself above the Glory of the Light.

I offer myself to Thee All, to be the receptacle of Thy Wills as Each may see fit, that further Glory may be brought to Thy Names, and that The Light may more freely be spread to all the dark places of the world.

Prayed by Cava regularly, starting the 14th of Algor, in the 342nd year of the Dominion, until Horus’ response during the first week of Gryphon.

Horus responds:
“I hear you and will watch over you, but as Rurga is a true goddess of Light in her own Pantheon, I will not intervene. Remember above all to be true, for Rurga holds truth above all else! Make sure that you, and the rest of CrIsis, tell not even the smallest lie, nor leave out any of the facts, for you will be assured of loss if this occurs! Be true to yourself, and you will have a chance! Rurga is a fine warrior- she would be the match of any and all of the Gods!”

Cava responds:
My Soul is Clear, and my heart strengthened to know that Thou art with me. I thank Thee for Thy aid, and pledge to do as Thou hast instructed. My companions will be similarly warned.

Picture by our own charred

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