Take Up My Yoke, O Lord!

Oh, Great One, Lawgiver, Osiris!

Lord, I bend my knees and come before thee in humble supplication. Please, take up my yoke, and burden with me in this quest. I know that thou art in the Void of Life, but I also know that thou doest hear my voice, and thou doest answer prayers. Thy power touches all, and thy judgment is just. Lend me thine aid in my burdens. I am not worthy of thy grace, nor am I worthy of the honor and authority I have received of CrIsis.

Thy representatives have appointed me as their leader, and I know not if I am worthy of such. Lord, help me know the path I should take, and let me speak with thine authority, that all might know that I am thy prophet, thy mouthpiece, an instrument in thine hand. Lord, I beg of thee, grant me marrow in my bones and strength in my bosom, to face the challenges ahead of all mankind in the war of Good and Evil. I beg thee to grant me and thy servants respite from time to time, if thou wouldst, in thy eternal wisdom.

Father, Grant unto me strength, humility, and peace.

I ask thee to forgive of me my shortcomings. I have never been perfect, nor have I ever acclaimed the title. Thou knowest my flaws, and knowest my weaknesses. Thou also knowest my heart. Thy scales are true, and weigh more than deeds, but desires.

Forgive me for making light my covenants with my dearest Adriana. She is my redeeming grace, though it took me a century to find her. Forgive me for the appearance of evil, in flirting with the Hoppner woman. Thou knowest that I would never betray thy trust, nor the trust of my Beloved.

Forgive me for putting so many of my incumbents in positions to betray their base beliefs! My soul is heavy with the horror of it.

Forgive me for pressing the subject of Summoning with Indaris. Please, lord, thou knowest that I never meant to stain his soul with sin against her Lady Isis. I have always tried to act upon thy word, and to use the tools that thou has given me. Though I have as many years on this earth as the eldest of us all, my hubris still abounds, and I act like the youngest of us, with the fires of passion and certainty burning in my bosom. Forgive the Priest for not acting on what he knew to his core to be right. He did it in service to thee, and in accordance to the decision of CrIsis. Thou knowest how hard that was for him, and how much strength it took for him to do so.

Forgive me for placing the newest member, Caminata, in such a position as to remove herself physically from the group. Though my plans kept my attention then, my knowledge of the ramifications weigh.

Forgive me for causing CrIsis, and principally Asher and Xerx’ses, to break outright the laws set out in Lopania. Though we were pardoned by the Empress, her word is not thine, nor is her wish thine. Please, pardon me for my unconventional and irresponsible actions as the Leader Upon Land of CrIsis.

Lord, I thank thee for thy forgiveness that thou hast bestowed upon me throughout my century on Palladium. As I enter the twilight year of my first century, I have been hit with my immaturity and my mistakes, and I see clearly the times that I should have been thrown to the depths of misery and endless woe that is Set’s Darkness, but the light of thy love and endless understanding have shown through. I am a tool in thy hands, and I know that if I were not, I would be a useless and evil servant indeed, and the weight of the Feather of Ma’at would damn me as it didst with Damocles.

I ask the, O Lord Osiris, Lawgiver, Great One, He That Rests and Yet Shall Live, this and more, thy humble servant,

Azariel Alea-iacta-est.

>>A prayer in the early hours of the morning in the 23rd Year of Emperor Voelkian Itomas II, by Azariel, Apprentice Alchemist. Acolyte of Osiris and the Lady Luck.<<
Picture by Grace Montrose


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