Tax Time


I hope things are well with you. I wonder how you are dealing with the loss of Xerx’ses (the good Bishop Tutu informed me of the events), although at least in his case you know that he still lives.

I just wanted to give you a friendly reminder that in your efforts to set such a supreme example it would be good for you to pay your taxes on time. They are due the first of Ra.

Supporting you here in Timiro,

King Guy

Picture by our own AZ Rune.




10 Responses to “Tax Time

  • I love that the King himself reached out to us to get us to pay our taxes.

    • By defending our reputation allows him the mandate to keep programs, such as no slavery and equal rights to all.

  • LOL! C’mon CrIsis……PAY YOUR BILLS!!!!!!!

  • We wrote him an asked for an extension, since we weren’t anywhere where we could send the money. We asked for leave to pay by the end of Ra instead of by the beginning.

    • Yes you did… response coming.

      • No check the logs, I wrote it out and nothing about the extension was asked for. Just that we would likely have it within 3 days. Sadly this is why I hate verbal pigeons. That would make it the 26th of Selestra and plenty of time! We are going the drag CrIsis into a respectable light kicking and screaming if needs be. Hrrrumph!

        🙂 I love role playing!

        • In the game we discussed asking for an extension to the end of the month. I am not surprised Torrun sent an altogethor totally different letter – kings and princes need to stick together!

          • I can imagine Guy receiving two conflicting pigeons and thinking same old CrIsis

  • Taxes and Death, even ‘poor’ CrIsis can’t avoid either, well one of them anyway.

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