The Ballad of Torrun: From Your Brother

Gracious and wise Rod Rambler, I do not have the right to ask so I beseech you to enjoy your impending retirement.

Dearest Sister and Queen of the Dwarves,

I had to do “IT” again ‘Nova.

I believe now the rest of CrIsis understands how I faced down an Adult Ice Dragon in single combat. I know you have probably gotten my “missive” I sent to the Minotaurs of joining Koris Gwaisol. I need you and anyone that reads these in the Books of CrIsis to understand I hoped a legacy that was more than a vengeful son gifted in swinging rune carved instruments of Justice & Retribution. I hoped I may be able to “help” you and “honor” the statesman our father was when I reached out “metaphorically” across time to help a group of people, not monsters, but people come together in a community towards a better tomorrow.

I am not as smart as you, and I am okay with that.

I do believe in the goal of Pontiff U’Selekma and Ra the Almighty. To right the cosmic scales of balance, to bring harmony and a second chance to the days that will come when we are no more. If a group of the lieutenants of the Old Ones can change their ways then why can there not be hope and harmony for EVERYONE? I sent that missive because I thought I was going to die and I wanted my last act remembered in this world to be one of bringing people together and not tearing them apart. I believe I see the riddle and answer of Laughing Vagan and his famous Hook. So I sent the other “missive” trying to extend my hand across the aisle in friendship and solidarity. Once more, I am hoping if the Church of Light & Dark can heal then maybe Osiris, Isis, and their sons Anubis and Horus can as well.

I know the power I can wreck with these axes and a whole third of ReSet, both Figbit and Hel Sundersdotter, fell to but four swings of my axes joined together. Even with all of their vast enchantments and defensive magics they fell. The tiny Troll was tougher than what passes for a Fire giant in this world and the troll was as eloquent as, Grignak – binder and breaker of chains.


As many of my companions were exclaiming how I made, Hel, literally explode in a ball of fire! Plus, how it only took two extra swings on, Figbit, the Anubian Troll Monk to undo being healed from the brink of death by Malbec of ReSet. That act of Figbit’s comrade helped Silent Dream – Apis’ Luminary bring light to darkness as he demonstrated the need for more torches or wall sconces. He used his powers of the mind to simply reach across the room and “pick up” Malbec and using the member of ReSet. He bypassed the magic circle around Seminold and beat one “bastard” to death using the other “bastard!” I was impressed to say the least at the creativity of the nominally, peaceful member of our team.



Please send an early copy of this letter to RizoelMerkl’s adoptive father! Had his son not performed a juggling act “IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIGHT” I can certainly say I would have died at Hel’s swords before my hit felled her! He also distracted Lagram and as I gave Hel her wish to become one with her element Merkl the Magnificent let fly with Nasse and Jecetri into the remaining Anubian Troll! His enchanted defense and spell-made armor had been whittled down by Willy, Heebo, and Tiny. Both Tiny and Heebo had been downed by the other Troll Monk! However, just before Willy might join them the daggers land and explode with such magical force chunks of his ribcage flew out his backside! Merkl saved us with magical daggers and his performer’s swagger!


During all of this I watched the true Legacy of Xerx’ses the Oathkeeper! It was none other than, Grignak – binder and breaker of chains, that used magic to attack the purported priestess of Amon, Helenia. Turns out in this fight she changed her attire slightly and revealed herself to actually be Helenia, Cardinal of Anubis! In the fashion of his “horned” predecessor he devised a spur of the moment plan based on his interactions with other church officials granting him and him alone safe passage off the island should he survive the battle. He used magic to make a doorway mystically appear above Helenia and fall upon the good and now really hurt Cardinal of Anubis. He grabbed Osiris’ Left Hand and as we all were ready to come help him he roared, “FLY! YOU FOOLS!”

Then it was as if he just winked out of the world! Gone and vanished! Poof! Most importantly, like any good Xerx’ses plan he never discussed it, oh classic Xerx’ses! Well played Grig, well played!

Ursus killed some short, squat giant, used as a custodian of the facility with clubs that looked like shoddy mops. I believe Willy killed an archer that had come to help ReSet and then we all looked at Helenia. A quick glance about the room and she asked to surrender. Dream was quick to acknowledge his willingness to except her surrender, while I stepped forward and demanded the agreement be honored and the Dark stand down! She nodded and the command was sent the War of Light & Dark ended. Tiny was able to be healed as Figbit had once been and Helenia in an act that proved her sincerity resurrected Heebo! With a flash of light Grignak appears a few minutes later demanding safe passage and everyone just kind of laughed at his masterful ploy. Just as we were leaving I stopped and handed her a “note” I had scrawled should a moment like this play out. We had to know how our last chess match would end after all.

I would like it “officially noted” that the rest of CrIsis and I kept to the words I mentioned and nothing was harmed in the City of the Dead of Cynapolis. We only damaged ReSet members and their two support fighters. We even accepted their surrender and left the Cardinal of Anubis alive and healed by Silent Dream!

With affection from your brother en-route to Caer Itom and then Nisi,


Written and composed by
Prince Torrun Ithanson,
High Thane of the Dwarves

Sent upon the 28th of Grekar; in the 2nd year of Koris Gwaisol.


Pictures from our own AZ Rune


7 Responses to “The Ballad of Torrun: From Your Brother

  • Great recap, and love the X’s and descriptions of their demise!
    Congrats to CrIsis- I really believe this is the first major battle where no innocents or buildings were destroyed!

  • An excellent tale of heroics and bravery!

  • That poor Janitor, all he wanted to do was mop up CrIsis, after they were crushed by ReSet. Well, careful what you ask for, he was mopped up by CrIsis instead.

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