The End is Near

But You Are Just Beginning

Beloved Son,

Our time here on Palladium is coming to an end. After a very, very, very long life, even for Elves, your Father and I are finally showing age. The glorious Goddess always had said that we would finally be allowed to go to Ma’ip, the realm of the Light and Dark, when a new group of true heroes had proven themselves. I am so proud to know that our own son is part of this group! You and the others in CrIsis have proven yourselves worthy to take up our mantle!! Your Father and I could not be more proud of our little Tyver!!

To address your concerns, you should be concerned. The teleportation amulets that the dark are using have been used for aeons! However, you should be in possession of one yourself, if I recall, that would take you to the sanctum of Sekti-Abtu. Now that the pontiff, bless him, has returned to normalcy you should make your way there, as a group. U’Selekma has much wisdom, and has always been for a peaceful unity of the Dark and Light publicly- but make sure you are clear, he is a true servant of the Light! We were given the recent speech by him where he stated that there is a plot by the Dark to discredit CrIsis, as well as the other Bishops and himself. Standing with him, and verifying the statements, was Father Lamriel. The two false bishops, masquerading as Bishop Rose and Bishop Tutu have disappeared! Do not fret at the cowardice of the Dark- if they run away, you have won the battle, and are that much closer to bringing our Lord Osiris back to this plane!!

As to the other worry, now that is a different matter entirely. We only had one member ever have his true name compromised, and he appears in none of the books for that reason. We never shared our true name with anyone in case of capture and torture! There is no recourse for the summoning! You told us yourself that it happened to you when you were under the influence of the Lion Headdress! My only advice is that you pray to the Gods, each and every one of you! Make sure that you are on the righteous path at the time of your prayers! The Gods are difficult for us to understand, even upon a holy quest! Remember the story of the good priestess Perfone, who uttered the simple frustrated phrase, “It isn’t fair”, and was stripped of all her powers for months! Even Oathbringer went silent, and was an ordinary mace! Be strong in the Light! Your father has some words for you as well.


You asked about Elemental Fragments. They are useful tools, but tools alone! They do not understand logic, nor do they understand us, or our world. They are unpredictable creatures at best, and can only be counted on to do a simple task!

Now, if your good Dog has been blessed by Bennu to be a walking scion of the Phoenix- for Isis’ sake, take the HINT!! Do not ever discount a gift from the Gods! I would, in your shoes, tiny as they are, never summon an elemental fragment again!! The gift that you are receiving is mighty indeed!

Remember, my son, patience and restraint are the true signs of Mastery! Work with your group at all times, and do not be such a rogue. I wish, and hope, that it is a long time before I see you in Ma’ip!

We will attend the Lopanic Games this year, as will your “uncle” Firsar. It will, most likely, be the last chance that we will get to see you!

Be well, and strong in the Light! I will be watching you, if the goddess so allows! Be not impetuous or headstrong! Remember the lessons your Mother and I have taught you.

Until the Games.

With love,
Mum & Da
Sent in the 70th year of the Wolfen Empire, the night of the 13th of Grekar

Picture from Red Morpho.



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