The Eyes Of Madness


I am your friend and I am so sorry about the Library. We had some serious running around. While we got the chance to meet the Etrinan minotaurs and their fantastic city. But I digress. A few days ago we were watching the tusker stampede talking to this guy called Old Gregg (warped guy but I’d have a beer with him). Well having had a run in with a Dragon had caused us to hurry about getting an orb of seeing for an ass (not a talking mule but a dragon; I probably would have gone for the talking mule).

When we arrived the guards were not there as the young men and women had gone on a quest taking all of the security (rune weapons) with them. An old minotaur greeted us at the entry and showed us the city, though Xerx’ses knew where we were going. While exploring the city I found out that Callandor was created in the fantastic city of the Minotaurs and that he wanted to know everything about himself. Naturally I got the data (I wish I had asked for more data, more books and scrolls; I’ll explain later). The Librarian loaned me all of the scrolls on the fantastic sword of Calandor.

I had taken some time to read to Callandor about how he was created when I was pulled away to pull the Eye of Seeing to put into a box. When we arrived they told me that other could not go in because dwarves were the only one that could handle it (supposedly). Man they were wrong the moment that I went into the room and got near the orb, I made the mistake of looking at it and then my mind went blank. I woke up several days later in the mountains. Turned out that I was possessed for a few days while attempting to get the orb to the old dragon; a dragon that was as old as the Chaos Wars.

When we finally got there and gave that old bag of scales his orb I found out that I had been possessed at least three times. Man, it been rough. After climbing up we flew down and made our way to the cave/city of the minotaurs. I thought that we could relax, take few days off but it all we came back to was a blood bath. It hurt my heart to see the many bodies of those that I barely knew and began to like torn to pieces and bathed in their own blood. The only survivor was the Librarian; the guy that helped us get that orb to the dragon. It makes me sick knowing that all those good people were dead.

Be safe (damn zealotry). There is talk about rebooting the whole continent and that would mean death to us all and a new Chaos Era a purge that would end all purges. The world is on a cliffs edge and we are riding the wagon to it with raging horses. Pray for us or we are all doomed.

Written by Overkill on the 26th of Thoth the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from The Hypertext d20.

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