The Forest Frolics Again!

We Are Saved!


I have great news- Dispater has been vanquished! The great protector of the Forest, the good-hearted Sallowan was joined by a strange Dragon which he called Mountain Slayer, and a group of Heroes which called out the name of CrIsis. Do you know them?

Many were slain, but I am well, and am helping to nurse the leader of the Heroes, a friendly bard named Terramore. He seems to appreciate fairy humor, and is asking for stories of you.

Anyhow, the Forest seems calm, and all has been restored to normal. The Good Mother has been returned, and is again preaching the Light. It seems a book was stolen during the battle, the same one Dispater had wanted, but no one knows where the last person is that held it- a human with stringy black hair and a hook nose.

Be Safe! I hope to hear happy news from you as well!
Your Mother

Sent to Hannah through U’Selekma on the 20th of Ra.

Picture of battle by SkaiChu



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