The Goddess & A New World




The day begins with Chip coming down from a sunrise meeting with Elanu (see The Wanderer campaign log). Chip shares the details of the conversation with Bexx, who states, “There’s nothing holding us here, let’s go.” They decide to let fate decide, and pack all of their belongings into their boat Matilda. They take what they believe to be their last patrol, and there is a terrifying encounter with a horned demon fish, who is chased off by 3 depth charges and excellent driving by Bexx. Then, almost immediately they are drawn into a rift. Suddenly they find themselves facing Chip’s beloved goddessIsis.

Bexx and Chip kneel in awe of the beautiful 20 foot tall goddess in front of them. Isis tells them to spread the good word of Isis throughout Palladium, to be a worthy example of herself and the Church of Light. Be true at all times, and help those in need. Their Quest is to collect the pieces of her beloved husband Osiris so that he may return to life. She warns that the first few parts of Osiris should be much easier than the later ones, as Set and his minions cannot be distracted at all times. Isis will be returning to Rifts Earth in her guise as Katrina Sun to wage war on Pharaoh Rama-Set to try and distract Set from their mission.

There are 3 groups of heroes attempting to locate other parts of Osiris. One is led by Erin Tarn on Rifts Earth, and another is the Megaverse traveling Eight of Isis, and the third is them. She believes that between 8 to 10 of Osiris’ parts are currently on Palladium. Six are known to her currently, and at each drop point the group will know of the next quest.

“Your first quest,” spoke Isis, “is to recover my beloved’s left foot (Osiris Left Foot). It is located on the Dragon’s Roost in an ancient wooly dragon’s horde. Kill the dragon and bring the foot to Haven. There it will sit next to the Heart of Osiris. The dragon is somewhere in the southern section of the island. There will be assistance sent to your aid.

The 20 foot tall glowing goddess suddenly shrinks to 6 feet, and looks Bexx and Chip in the eyes. “When you have finished your quest, you may choose to return to your home or stay on Palladium. Time moves differently on each world, do not let this unnerve you.” Two rings appear in her left hand. “These rings are my gift to you, and as long as you remain true to me they shall help protect you. They shall give you skin as a dragon. “ She places a ring on each heroes right ring fingers (Torch Rings). “May you be successful in helping to revive my beloved.” She rises again to her true height. “Do you have any questions of me?” The newly blessed heroes shake their heads no.

Suddenly Bexx finds himself in the captain’s chair, with Chip manning his customary navigator chair. Matilda now has 3 sails. The nuclear powered boat is now a sailboat, and it appears to now be made of wood!

“Chip, can you check the engine?” Bexx queries worriedly.
Chip comes back moments later, slightly ashen. “It’s a magic source, but I cannot draw from it.”

They find themselves beached in an island cove. They have arrived at Palladium.

Almost immediately they feel unseen presences on the beach with them. Bexx uses his power to see the invisible, and Chip unleashes a fog of fear. Bexx watches as 2 poltergeists flee, and dodges a rock sent towards him. The third flees, and they are alone on a brand new world. Tired and hungry, they notice that each of their auras glow differently.

Experience points are found in the wiki.
Next game is scheduled for 4/16/11 at 6pm Pacific.
Entered by Rod Rambler, chronicler

Isis picture by TheRavenChildca

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