The Gods And Lemaria

Hidden Fear


I am well. It’s the middle of the night and I perhaps am just saying this to myself as I do not have magic as Chip did (he died recently fighting an Ice Dragon), so perhaps I am muttering to myself, but it must be said.

Mini made it back to his home to be with his beloved. We had over three dozen new companions and they needed a place to call home but when we got back on the open sea we got heading towards the Sea of Despair (nasty place). There have been fights with dragons and elementals but I didn’t write to tell you about the wild adventure we are having. I wanted to write about the gods, then tell you about the adventure that we’re having.

As you know, this is the month of Thoth; god of knowledge and my personal favorite of the bunch as he has kept all his promises (well the others have too but he is still my favorite, after all he did give me the gift on my leg). It funny how now that I have been on this adventure that I have started to see the personalities of the gods, well at least five of them, perhaps six.

Osiris – The guy works hard to pull himself together to give a message to me and a few others. I am certain that he feels that its time be the father of the pantheon. A god of few words but when he speaks, you should listen.

Isis – This god is a bonfire waiting to happen contained in a beautiful and eloquent frame. Her trust comes as something earned. I am certain that I was not her favorite initially as I was a uncut diamond hell bent on breaking loose as soon as possible, but the old psalm is true (yes I have been studying religion). You trust the one you love and you have faith in the one you trust. I trust she keeps you safe in Northolme.

Thoth – I do not know if I told you about how I got the tattoo that decorates my leg (or if I ever shut up about it when I got it). Thoth was impressed by the way that I defended his honor. I imagine that it was much like a priest and though I didn’t know it, I learned that they would have killed me for what I said (the Island of Enry has some very different ideas of Thoth) but I am certain that Thoth knows that I would do it again if the opportunity arise).

Bennu – The phoenix goddess is unknown to me but I am certain that when it was her time to watch us that she did with the view that Ra tends to do which is a bit aloof and more in the shadows; perhaps more then any of them, even Ra.

Ra – He doesn’t show emotion and tends to not want to interfere in the affairs of CrIsis, and yet I sense that he thinks us as an uncle thinks of his nephews and nieces, which it’s none of his business but if he has to he will interfere for our mother’s sake (Isis). I am certain that I have bothered him enough with prayer, yet he tolerates it because he has grown fond of our dedication (not necessarily of us but definitely of our effort).

Finally there is…

Horus – The sphinx god and adopted son of Osiris and Isis. I have seen him too face to face as one man talks to another. You were right in that I have died. I do not know if I am his favorite because he was always cryptic and smiling like he enjoyed the paradox that is Overkill the Mariner. You know he told me about our daughter a day before your message arrived. I have worked fervently to keep from being killed and to get back to Northolme. I almost fear that I cannot finish what I have started because I have roots in you and Boduri. My family means the world to me. I guess that I didn’t realize it until I was at Sinza, but alas, I am thousands of miles from you and will not return until this is done.

I am not sure how this adventure is going to end. I have seen a lot of us die and come back but some of us were not so lucky.

Enough mushy stuff; here is the adventure that you have missed. After we had wrestled with the dragons and had gone on our way it was a week later I guess that we came across the rocky clearing that the captains of Bizantium record in their maps and then burn, because it was very difficult to weave, but we pulled it off (thank Thoth), only to find a chest that was lodged in the rocks. I never would have thought of it, but it was a kind of buried treasure.

After getting the booty on board we were on our way again. There were so many rocks and the surf got harder and harder. I didn’t see until it was almost upon us, but thanks to Cava we saw a sea serpent that was following us and it was coming fast. When it overtook us it wrapped its whole body around the ship. I wasn’t about to lose my ship with my companions so we got the bugger to let go and die in a matter of seconds. The blows that we did hit the mark almost every time and we were covered in the creatures blood when it was done, but it almost seemed a distraction because shortly after it died we came to a fog and more rocks.

Who knew that the fog was magic and we were toast. We hit those rocks with such a force that two of my now sleeping companions were thrown from the ship and we were taking on water fast. Cava knew some techniques to keep us from sinking but while he was away the fog over took me and I too was asleep.

When I awoke there were humans with green robes with the symbol of Isis. They had taken us to their village and had stripped us of our weapons and any other thing that they were threatened by. There was an examination (for wounds I guess) and then we were all escorted to a single room together (still without out weapons).

After talking to my companions I realized that Cava still was not with us. I feared the worse (that he drowned) but he showed up some hours later and told his story of the small boats and these women that controlled the island. Though I sense that you would of liked it here with all the women in charge there is something amiss here and I cannot put my finger on it.

I do not know how you will get this message but I pray that you are safe. Something evil is here and we may have brought it. Pray for me.

Yours forever,


Prayed to Thoth on the 4th of Thoth, in the 68th Year of the Wolfen Empire with hopes that it will fall upon Mary’s ears.

Picture from shinotenshi81

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