The Great March

Who are They All?

Pigeons, letters & stories are bandied across the Great Wolfen Empire and all its neighboring territories about the following event:

In Capitols, large metropolis & small hamlets across the Great Wolfen Empire a strange procession has occurred over and over again; a procession of the largest and most stout Wolfen. They march into to town in a silent and eerie cadence. They march in columns of two, led by a single very tall, very skinny greyish Wolfen. He holds a large Claymore, tight against his chest, pointing up in front of him with both hands. The first few burgs didn’t know they were they until they were almost in the center of the town. But as their numbers have grown they can be heard coming from miles away because of their sheer numbers. The marching reverberates through the ground like an earthquake.

The stories all are the same. They march in, the “Leader”, also known as the Witness, raises the sword high up in the air with both hands. After exactly *twelve* steps they all stop marching simultaneously. The Witness then steps towards whatever effigy marks the town center. He lowers the sword with the point facing down and repeats this phrase with a very loud voice. *“I AM THE WITNESS. I HAVE SEEN THE DEATH OF MY CHIEFTAIN AT THE HANDS OF THE DARK. I SEEK MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS. I GO TO FIGHT THE AGENTS OF THE DARK. I WILL FIGHT THE AGENTS OF THE DARK UNTIL I CAN NO LONGER FIGHT!”*

With that he returns to his position in the front of the two columns. He again raises the sword high above his head, and then lowers it back to the braced position against his chest. With that motion the two columns march out of town. As the tail of the columns pass through the town center, several large Wolfen quietly walk out of any crowd that has gathered and get into lock step with the rest of the column. These columns march ever tirelessly. No one has seen where they camp, where they eat, where they sleep. The word of their antics spreads fast across all of the Northern territories. Rumor and innuendo abounds, chit chat is everywhere. Some observations have been made about any that don’t talk about the procession, for almost everyone is talking about it. After the witness followers leave town, the quiet ones seem to have left with them.

Marching picture from History of the U.S. Army
Witness Leader picture by L-MakesArt, Amara added by LURCH6571 for imagery purposes
Follower pic from an article by Jeff Bullas


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