The Hunger

The Man With No Name marched into the town with one of the boys. They made their way past the guards unnoticed. The boy’s father was only a short distance away. He was hard at work in the forge. Their reunion brought back memories to The Man. A life cut short. The boy explained the plight to his father. The father provided the requested items for the one with no name. The Man headed off with the little one to greet the Lord.

The guards at the keep stopped the Man, outside of the throne chamber. “What’s in the chest!” growled one of the guards. The Man looked at the Lord sitting in the other room. The Lord was definitely looking at the commotion with the chest. The Man gave a slight nod at the Lord. He knew the greed would be too much for him. “Let him come forward!” exclaimed the Lord. The guards backed down. It was at this time his rotund figure made its full glorious appearance. The obese Lord’s face could barely be seen over his gargantuan gut. “Grant us privacy,” he said again as he waved his subjects away. As the guards began stripping The Man of his armaments, he reached to his back nonchalantly. The guards held his weapons and closed the door per the Lord’s request. The Lord sat there being swallowed by his own body. He grasped his goblet and drank of his wine. “You may approach,” he said as the doors closed. The man walked forward with the chest. The king continued with his guttural voice speaking in as hushed a tone as his mass would let him, “I assume your master found the shipment to his liking?” The Man nods and places the chest in front of the Lord. The Lord tries to roll forward a bit to see the inside of the chest as it is opened. At this moment a short sword is tossed over the back of the thrown by the Little One. The Man grabs the sword and in one fluid motion sends it to greet the starving stomach in front of him. The torso engulfs the sword entirely as the man lets go of it. The Lord’s face is filled with a moment of terror as he drifts off to the next world. The little one greets the Lord as the Lord is now able to see him. The noncorporeal Lord stands there in shock as the Man begins chanting. Fear fills him as he realizes that he is about to face the judgement of the gods. He disappears. The ledger is nailed to the Lords forehead. The Man smiles at Tobi from under his cover. Together they leave. “The Lord wishes to rest alone,” says the man to the guards. They nod and return his gear. He makes haste to reach the boys waiting outside of town. He tells them to return to their families. His work is done for now. Vrentradax, he’s coming for you.

Tale of the Lord Fettleibig from No Name.

Image from Top Tenz.


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  • Yeah, I dig the Punisher reference. He is certainly explaining is level at the start of play very well.

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