The Littlest Things

Dear Father Philip

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that trip you up, and this time it was kobolds, yes kobolds. We have fought face to face with devils, demons, dragons death knights, deaders and other diseased disasters, but this is the first time we have retreated multiple times, cunning little buggers. They are using the strange magic Burlap was trained in, and just like Burlap’s magic it was clever, funny and painful, all at the same time.

Maybe there is a grain of truth that Kobolds might be faerie kin, but that is neither here nor there. A small group of Kobolds managed to hold us up longer than all the fights we have had against ReSet put together, and the attacks are deadlier, probably because the Kobolds used guile and Reset kept used brawn, and brawn usually loses to the brawnier person, so guile is their best bet, and It worked, even Xerx’ses decided that disgression might be worthwhile so we could figure out what to do.

However CrIsis managed to extricate ourselves, proving you can’t keep a good Bear down.

We had spent the evening because Hannah was using her special method of interrogation and getting info while we waited, well I didn’t just wait, the plan needed us to get back to New Crests so I used the magic of Isis to create a scroll to return us to the temple there. We then headed to the Library again and those little hairy bastards ambushed us, thankfully with the magic granted to my eyes by Isis I managed to pinpoint their strange portal attack magics and well what can I say, they poked the bear and the bear poked back.

We even managed to capture one, a bowman, we kept his bow and sent him on his way, happily enough he just left, so I poked Ja’Deir until he used his mental prowess to track the owner of the bow so we knew where he was, and if he was part of another ambush we would be able to avoid it, which we did, we actually made it to the Library to gather together the books we needed, and then we used the scroll to return to New Crests and the Temple of the Sun there, afterwards we loaded up Rogtilda well after the repairs were finished, and then headed on to the Famous Library of Bletharad.

The Sea was as it always was, with the weather changing more often than Hannah’s moods, but we still arrived at Bletherad at the Festival of Osiris. We decided to Celebrate, and the nameless one showed us a Tavern and we started eating and drinking and being merry, and I bet tales of that night will be told for years afterwards. I decided to take a page out of Hannah’s book and have fun, after Ursus had had a decent amount of Alcohol, you know 10 kegs or so, I started using magic to have fun with him, from floating his tankard (slightly smaller keg) around the room with telekinesis, to making alcohol barrels talk, and turning rocks into flesh and making Rock Steak it was a fun night. Xerx’ses seemed to get into the mood and had also lit the place up, and somehow made his lights strobe and flicker. Ursus managed to find some love and maybe No Name did too. Ursus was walking around with Eyes, and I swear I saw Xerx’ses walk into the main room, then into the back room and half a second walk into the front room from the front with some women from the boat. He is certainly exploring his sexuality in what I’d say is unusual ways, but who knows the mating rituals of the Minotaur race. No Name certainly tried for various drinking records, but as i was slightly inebriated at the time im not sure how successful he and Ursus were, but checking in on them showed that they were certainly happy to party.

We retired to Rogtilda at various times during the night/morning, and I Negated Toxins on myself and went down to the beach to watch and paint the sunrise, then crawled into bed a happy man.

Written by Indaris Excellar on the Festival of Osiris

Wildmage Marko Delak
Goblin Archer by Jasper Sandner
Noname party Dub awards party


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