The Lopaniad

Ready For the Games

CrIsis and Azariel,

A member of the Groff family, the elf Mikala, who runs the Gold Coast Trading Company, reached out to me asking what the price would be for CrIsis to buy the Lung of Osiris if one of their athletes won the overall competition at the Lopanic Games. I, of course, responded that one could not place a price upon rebuilding a God, and that he should do the noble thing and give it to a Priest of Light. He scoffed, saying, “We will see.” I hate those selfish merchant guilds!

Speaking of, what is your plan for the Lung? Are you going to compete? You must have sponsorship soon- entries must be submitted by the 1st of Algor, 112. Which guild is backing you? I will try to send business their way, if appropriate.

I am now going to start researching the birth of dragons for Azariel. This will take some time, as the number of dragon tomes are extensive, and birth is not a category that has its own section. Please send me a full, detailed description of the egg- and if possible, a picture would help greatly! If you leave CrIsis you will have to let me know your location, as the Gods only let the Ramen know the location of CrIsis.

Always your servant and friend,
Sent on the 4th of Kym-nark-mar in the 69th year of the Wolfen Empire.

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