The Lung And The Games

How to Win a Piece of Osiris!

The Lopanic Games Are Approaching!

Empress Jesslyn, in her great wisdom, has decreed that the reward for the Champion of the Games, out of her immense generosity and goodness, will be the Lung of Osiris!

The Champion of the Games will be determined by the Empress Jesslyn herself! The Champion will come from the winner of the following events:


Mounted Combat
Freestyle Duel
Freestyle Triathalon
1 winner chosen from all of the other events

Empress Jesslyn, in her great wisdom, will pick the champion from these 10!
Remember, your Guild must have you registered to participate in the games by the 1st of Algor! No exceptions!

May the spirit of the Games live in you all!
Poster seen in the Karowyn’s Merchant House in Mishala.

Next to the poster is a small flyer- it reads-

JOIN THE WINNING TEAM- THE KAROWYN’S TEAM!Think you have the stuff to win? Join the Merchant’s Guild with the 2nd most winners last games- and the one that will have the most winners this Games!

We shall acquire the Lung of Osiris! Become Legend!

Trials are in New Crests on the 1st of Set!


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