The Mage And His Secrets

We are off to see Haven Part II


I thought that it be appropriate that I send this message in three letters. Mary is not to know about how dark I have ever become. Please do not publish this in any book as it shows the mortal and weak side of us all. Here is the second half for when we arrived in Iron Sea. I am certain that it would anger her to learn of this.

When we got a chance to relax Ferrel and Karma took off to ‘see the sights’. How was I to know that Karma was under some magic spell and that Ferrel was taking her for a ride to find some drug called Oracle. I don’t know what it is but the story goes that they hustled a dealer and that turned into a bloody fight that almost cost the dealer his life.

Upon leaving the dealer they were approached by the Danzi who had been following them. The mage, weak from Karma’s resistance to his magic, could not fight back from the Danzi’s attack that was quickly defended by Karma. The Danzi stated that the spell that our Mage had on Karma be removed and through more magic (I really don’t get magic) it was and they then proceeded to the docks.

It was at the docks that I and a few others greeted them and we began to talk about why Ferrel and Karma had disappeared in the first place. Seemed normal to explore the town to become familiar but I was appalled by the announcement of enhancing drugs. I have never told CrIsis this but I hung 12 men on mind altering drugs while on the ship Red Beard; my captain had me tie them and hang them as an example. The next three years I grew accustomed to torturing and mutilating those that would ever question the captain. That is part of why I raised in the ranks over Minischmee.

Sometimes things need to be done. I became so hard and bitter that I had to take a hiatus away from it all for a month on Mezfii’Onh away from it all though I tossed and turned each night, sometimes screaming from the haunting memories. I am sure that I kept Anjeleena’s guests up; I paid double that month. When I returned ask the good captain that I not be his interrogator ever again and he was kind enough to oblige me as I truly do not have that dark of a heart to be that Dwarf.

To say the least, I have dipped in a very dark place in myself filled with eyeballs, fingers, tongues and enough blood to bath in that I would not want to revisit how I got truth out of people. I have to say though, this Mage (and perhaps all mages), because they were always the hardest to interrogate and it required some seriously bloody and frightening forms of information extraction, has forced me to come back there. Perhaps I will not sleep well again.

To say the least when Ferrel would not return the drugs to Karma to the mage he became outraged and from a cloud of slumber (thanks to Tyvernos) was taken down like a bag of hammers. I and several others too was taken down too because of exhaustion, bad day, need for food or drink, something, caused us to fall.

When I came to, the guys had told me that it took a while to find the drugs on Ferrel but when they did they tied him up (again (?); I didn’t understand the whole story. Just after they said naked, I didn’t want to hear the whole thing), they asked for divine intervention to heal the Elf of his addiction. This came after Gavin who did a decent job, determined that his mind powers were not going to take care of this problem.

Horus came to us. He explained that we didn’t know what we were asking for and told us this was going to be a two edged sword but he then healed the mage somewhat (perhaps to clear his mind) and then departed.

After he left we returned the property to the naked Elf (save the drugs that were in possession of the Danzi) and started to discuss this ‘two edged sword’ but the Mage resisted. He told us that unless all his property was returned he was going to say nothing. We pointed out that the property in question was in fact Karma’s and that he would need to pay for it before it would be returned. I am not sure who paid her but she was given money and she gave the foul substance to him.

For a member of CrIsis, he was a stubborn one; which meant that he fit right in with the rest of us. With his drugs in hand he would not tell us a damn thing and it wasn’t until Gavin convinced him to do a mind meld that we would learn the better part of the story.

There is a memory, a harsh memory that our mage wants to remember but it is hazy and fuzzy and only through his drug could he even get close to it. Gavin removed the memory and put it in Cava to keep safe. Sure it didn’t solve the addiction, which the Danzi wants to help with (I am not sure that he can even do it. What would he use; voodoo?). All I know is that a good noose fixed the problem on the Red Beard. I don’t want to kill him.


Sent via magic pigeon to Malkin.

Written by Overkill on the 6th of Majestic the 1st year of King Minischmee.

Picture from Sergon.

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