The One That Got Away Was Bloody Huge

To Father Philip,

You may have noticed an upbeat shift in Nara since my last missive. Before I ask this favour of you I am aware of the lifespan differences, but would only say that the heart is a hunter, not a general in a war. Once its quarry is found the heart seeks it with a vengeance. Now I am a cagey hunter, but I have found my heart’s quarry. Please bear with me and after you’re done with the letter feel free to share what you will with my beloved.

* Since unions between human and elves are rare in the extreme could you make inquiries to see if there are any laws or customs that must be maintained to honour the Elves of Timiro.

* I intend to hold the ceremony after we finish the quest, but in the meantime can we figure out a way to let Nara have a few scrolls of teleportation so she may re-connect with her parents if she desires to do so? I will also need to figure out a way to ask her father’s blessing of the union. That part I am still working upon.
* I have prayed at length to the Great Lady, and shared my ‘thoughts’ with my beloved. Neither of us will abandon our faith and duty for the affairs of the heart. Deities of Light willing a time will come when I am no longer needed to gallivant across the world, or should I say worlds, in earnest. Then there will be time for family, love, and tending to the flock.
* I would like to settle down in Aracho and help the orphans there as though they were the children Nara and I will raise. Maybe, you could help me with that idea becoming a reality?
* I have failed in one regard, I was unable to convince Xerx’ses into joining the clergy. He wishes to serve the Church after the quest is over as a wizard. Even when I take his confession I forget that among his people 50 is the minimum age to have a deciding voice on their tribal council. He is 53 years old by the Timirian Royal Calendar. Were he human I suspect his age would equate between 15 to 22 years old! He confides that women still scare him because he doesn’t understand them. I am sure you are laughing as hard as I did (on the inside of course, confession and what have you)! He has sworn off love till the quest is over and swears until Isis can have her love he shall take none for himself. I don’t know a more noble beast, but with the heart and soul of an elf if those rumors are indeed true. I would not be surprised if his soul was the reincarnated Sulestanni Elf Lord, Anion Nerodin trying to redeem a minotaur as the ultimate challenge! I mean how else did he make the Golden Sweep?
*Lastly, when this is all said and done, would you be willing to marry Nara and I? I would be honoured if you said yes.

Well that should about cover it and I hope everyone in Nisi is enjoying the blessed Cornbread..


Written by Indaris Excellar on the night of the 16th of Ra.

Art by fellow player and artist AZ Rune

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