The Price of Balance

To my Beloved, the Seeker of Isis,

I saw the copy of your portrait of me in the last ‘missive’ Father Philip sent you. Our dear friend was afraid you would break your vow and come running if you saw me as I am. I found another female priestess of Bennu and told her my story when she brought me food. She was also from Nisi and when she asked what she could do to help I told her to find an artist to forever capture this moment for the world. She watched me in horror as my hands trembled in gesture to my face. Nodding, she came back a day later bringing talk how the priests were unable to heal my wounds while I lay in the safety and comfort of the room here in Sekti-Abtu. It seems in communion with Horus the Avenger he has stopped it not out of anger, but since the Pontiff sent extra forces he stretched the spirit of the agreement and to balance it I must heal these wounds on my own. Supportive counsel is all they can provide, and what physical medical attention is required.

Know that I want for nothing here, every whim I have is granted to me and my parents are said to be arriving via ship in I believe a few weeks. My caretakers keep changing the date deliberately so I can’t accidentally let it slip and I don’t know whom is bringing them. They are to be guests of the Empress to my understanding since my father is an architect, the Empress Jesslyn is opening talks with Commonwealth of Yin-Sloth Kingdoms to promote trade worldwide. It seems your Homeland is reaping the trade of goods as one of the two safe nations of the world not embroiled in a war.

Two days later the Priestess of Bennu returned with another Priestess of Horus. This one is another renown painter and she told me of living in one of Sulestan’s outer settlements. It was raided by Orcs and Ogres one day and she suffered at the whim of their perverted pleasures just as I have against the Dark Priest of Charun for failing to get the Silver Torch of Isis from you. I NEED you to know I don’t hold you responsible for the rape and torture I endured a second time and unlike before is NOT wiped from my mind. I had dreams every night where I pictured Horus telling me to be strong because you did not abandon your oath I would be saved and soon. He was right, dream, lucid fantasy and or desperate faith, he was right. Father Philip and a host of warrior priests and paladins descended upon them in the Second Battle for Nisi! It was a slaughter I am told for I was found strapped to an “X” shaped rack with the Dark Priest of Charun violating me. Father Philip crushed his head in one blow! He covered me in his cloak as the fellow priests came in and I blacked out.

After finishing both our stories she agreed to paint me and made two identical paintings. One you hold in your hands as this reaches you, the other is in a secret location. There is a group of Priestesses of all the Gods of Light that hunt those that would wrong women and avenge those abused and mistreated. Never forget this image, and know I loved you enough to endure this so my failure as a spy could be your triumph as a hero.


Your still hopeful fiancee, Nara,
atoning devotee of Horus the Avenger.

Sent on the 8th of Kym-Nark-Mar in the 3rd Year of King Guy of Timiro.

Picture by our own AZ Rune.

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