The Return

The ceremony was a blur to the Man. He did as Ursus wanted yet toned down any potential misinterpretations down the road. As things wrapped up, Apis let him know now was the time. He gathered his gear and his friends. Xerxes was chewing out two compatriots when the Man approached and warned the others. After a few moments they appeared in a familiar place.

The corn hung on tightly to the land. The last remnants of once was a home stuck out of the ground like a skeleton refusing to be buried. He went to the spot and began digging. Ursus helped as did Xerxes. The others stood around watching. The man dug gingerly expecting to find their bones. Instead caskets met their hands and claws. He couldn’t remember this. It must have been the old man. He opened them and stared at the bodies. Pain filled his memory once more and a tear flowed down as he began removing his mask and unnecessary items. He reached back asking for Xerxes’ power that was promised. The energy left his friend and entered him. He chanted as his voice quivered for the first time since before he became the Man. After it was completed his son and his wife greeted him as if nothing had happened. Maybe this was best. Yet her screams came when they saw the Man’s horned confidant standing behind him. She was put to sleep until her fear subsided and the child played with the kitten. When his wife awoke the cat transformed into his natural form and he tried to seduce the Man’s wife. The anger of a thousand fires could be scene in his eyes. I feared that the Man would strike him down that instant. He warned to troll and the troll reverted into the cat form. Xerxes demanded that the Man leave his home for a safe place for his family. Pain returned to his eyes as he knew his friend would not budge. He just got everything back and now he was losing something once more. The minotaur would not budge. The Man paced and looked at a figure standing in another area of the field. He paced over in that direction. She pointed at the ground, “Your steed awaits you.” The Man muttered some words and the ground briefly shook. He returned to us. He nodded and Xerxes whisked the group away.

The family displaced seeks refuge.

Picture by Center of Vision.

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