The Trial of the Redbeard Clan

No escape for the wicked


I regret to inform you that you have to run and run now. Please, I will explain.

After the encounter with the vampires, we retired at a place called Anjeleena’s Boardinghouse (you know the place). We went there to nurse a wound that my gnome friend had from getting too close to the obaru across the path. It was night as it was and we need a place to retire and heal. Anjeleena gave me the usual rate and I retired to my room. I knew that the ship was safe as the new guy Robert was on it. In the morning we had discovered that soldiers from Bizantium were in town and thankfully didn’t recognize me. I quickly exited and got Tyvernos and headed to Karma. She was not in the mood to get up as it was sunrise and she apparently is a real horses… yea when she hasn’t had a chance to get ready. We met up with Rell and Cava who were taken to the boat last night because of a curse. Apparently Rell wanted to pick a fight with the Wolfen soldiers and Cava wanted a piece of me and Chip and some others was more then kind to make sure that they didn’t make a scene. I can only speculate that it had to do with the witch of Vald-Tegor (the vampire god) and the fight that night with her minions (if you can call vampires that).

Well while heading back to the ship I thought that the spout with Cava was temporary and called for the ship. I was met with an arrow that nearly got me. (One day I swear that I am going to kill that ranger.) He was tackled and taken down to the galley until a priest could be called.

I finally got on board where I got to meet the lovely Morgan, a human healer and friend of Gavin’s; lovely woman. She had been on the ship keeping Robert company (not that kind you perv. I said that she was a ‘friend’ of Gavin remember?). Well the priest arrived shortly and removed the curse (I certainly hope so) and we proceeded with business as usual. How were we to get to Jason’s treasure? Ideas were exchanged and Gavin made mention of a vision of Tyvernos’ mother who said that a wolfen was going to lead us. Next thing you know, we are looking for a man/child wolfen. Found him in about 20 minutes outside the Morning Star (you know Stweeb’s place). The kid who had been serving us only a couple of weeks before drinks was the lad that was supposed to lead us to Jason.

Fate is a curious thing. I thought that things would have been fine and dandy but we found out that our young friend (named Jaremy) was the son of the chief of the Ursa Rex Tribe; another complication. We decided to talk to the young wolfen’s father about his desire to lead us to the place where Jason rests.

We met a Wolfen called Four Skulls, a hulk of a Wolfen, standing some four dwarves tall and muscles to boot. To say that he is a tower is an understatement and after Jeremy finally stands up to his dad (kind of an understatement because he is two heads shorter then his father) he (Four Skulls) asks to speak with us without guards and such. Each of us swear that we will keep the cub(?) safe and then we are on our way (well sort of).

Now here is the point that I was attempting to make in the opening sentence. Your message showed up after that situation. I panicked and raced into Anjeleena’s place for a hair cut (should have went to Stweeb’s) and while I am getting a hair cut I am recognized. I am certain that it was while because immediately after we were approached they questioned my origin. Stupid me, I spoke Northern to him to rebuttal his claim. Next thing we know there is a squad of soldiers heading in the building and up the stairs. We captured one of them and went though a long process of convincing him that I was no longer a pirate. He asked for my surrender and I asked him about you and what would happen if I surrendered. For lying to the courts of Bizantium you placed the whole family in danger. My being alive and going by my ‘real’ name endangered us all.

To say the least there was a court discussion. The case was brought before the court against me as if I was a Bizantium citizen (I’m not, I am a Wolfen Empire citizen). The clan chief wanted to verify my claim of citizenship previously and had a message sent to King Avramson before court started as I had already told him before and he was curious. It was while my council (Rell) was stalling that the confirmation came and the case was turned over to the man (I don’t know what to call Wolfen) Four Skulls. He dismissed the whole thing and I was set free.

Now go. Go to King Avramson. Plead for your safety and for our family’s safety. I exhort you. Leave tonight. My adventure will mean nothing if the family is not safe; if you can get the whole clan. You and I always wanted to have the clan leave our mines and find a new place to live and the king has a kingdom that is kind to our kind and even has a clan that lives there and shares the land with the Wolfen. There is a kinship that is unheard of in all Palladium (I should know I have been around a bit as have you). Use whatever necessary to get there, barbarians, Wolfen, I don’t care. Just get there. I am done with Bizantium and I hope that you are too.

I just wish that I knew sooner. You know how I feel about my beard; its gone now, just a mustache remains. It will grow back and will my hair but I am and will always be Overkill and I do not have to hide any more.


Posted by Overkill on the 19th of Grekar, in the 23nd year of King Bafag.

Picture courtesy of Goran Josic.

5 Responses to “The Trial of the Redbeard Clan

  • WOW, A Dwarf shaved his beard, talk about desperate measures. Imagine shaving Ursus to disguise HIS appearance.

    • That’s a horrifying image.

      • I can never unsee that….

        • Me: That is demonic! Oh I just figured out if we made Demons stuffed fuzzy animals the invasion can begin!
          Aid Worker: Sir they are Abyssal refugees, please.

      • Awww…isn’t he cute.

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