The Warrior Monk Formerly Known As Prince Torrun

The God of the Sun appears in the throne room of Lictalon, “Greetings it has been some time Lictalon. A follower of mine is among your populace. As a courtesy to your person I am asking you summon forth Prince Torrun Ithanson of the Dwarves.”

Lictalon nods with a slight smile, “This can be done and thank you for asking, Lord of Light.”

With a wave of his hand a bronze skinned Dwarf soon appears amongst the throne room as Lictalon waves for everyone else to leave. Torrun can see his sister, the Dwarf Queen, moving out with her aids looking back with mixed view of concern and make-us-proud on her expression. He bows to Lictalon and when he raises his gaze to meet the Elf God’s eyes. Lictalon gestures behind Torrun and he turns seeing his god, dropping into abject prostration with his hands forming the mudra for Sha, which belongs to Ra.

“Oh Lord of Light, father of the heavens, how may I serve thee?”

Lictalon and Ra exchange a brief look as Lictalon sees the effects of one truly faithful and fervent, Ra smiles.

“Rise Prince Torrun, I would speak to thee.”

The Dwarf flexes his whole body leaping to his feet, as Ra allows his voice to be heard beyond the hall, “Our newest god – Xerx’ses the Oathkeeper – is presumed dead after sacrificing himself to save CrIsis, and over 1,500 innocent souls among the wicked, and devout followers of the Necromantic Scion of Utu, Terosh. He cracked his soul to tap his divine spark for the deed and is beyond our reach. You have made a similar though smaller sacrifice when I aided you in saving the one known as Mary. You saw the aid for what it was and when the war was won, your people offered the crown for your taking. You abstained and deferred rightly to your sister, whom led your forces well. Abdicating your right to the throne, this fact still holds you among many Elves’ and Dwarves’ hearts as their prince in deed if not in word. Now I have need of you to fill the shoes left by the Golden Minotaur.”

Ra looks down at Torrun and his voice resends to a volume for only those present, “Do you have any questions for me?”

“Nay, m’Lord and God for I am your tool to command. Provide me that which I need to know, send me where thine will wants, this former Prince is thy will made flesh and will do as thy commands.”

Ra smiles at the Elf God, “We shall be off then, Lictalon, thank you for your hospitality.”

Lictalon nods taking the lesson for what it was as they vanish in a flash of light.

Seen by Rod Rambler after he leaves CrIsis after the 20th of Corg.

Ra by AZ-Rune Art, commission him at:
Torrun picture from @parenzip on Twitter.


9 Responses to “The Warrior Monk Formerly Known As Prince Torrun

  • I just assume he will have the books knowledge dumped into his head the way Ursus did. If for no other reason than expediency’s sake.

    • Will that include the logs for this past game too, I wonder?

  • Weird that Lictalon didn’t display any of the urgency or impatience that Dream was told he had regarding CrIsis. Does he not know why the Dwarf was spirited away by Ra Himself? Surely Lictalon can’t be that niave.

    • I suspect Lictalon might have been curious to see how those called to serve in CrIsis react when called. I also suspect Moli will be tasked with a status update on this.

  • Wow, a kind Lictalon!
    Cool, the Mudra and Madras are also shared by the Dwarves!
    Very cool introduction

    • I suspect that Lictalon was merely reserved, as it’s one thing to be upset. It’s another to fight someone as old and powerful as you. I saw Ra using this also as a respectful display of power. The Elf God is also aware he has Ra’s attention, and can choose ally or foe.

  • Welcome aboard Torrun, now to filling those Minotaur shoes…um, you may need to grow a little…

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